Friday 31 October 2008

Friday Findings: Elks

This week's Friday Findings is inspired by Heli's Elk, she posts every friday lovely interviews (Friday is my day), this week you can see my day, you can check it at her blog.


Wednesday 29 October 2008

Life and Sport

It looks like life is back to normal again, Blogger is back they removed the block. We are actually surprised as YouTube has been blocked for months (still is).
As we had the feeling it will never come back we got into a blog-block our selves and with this post we are going to get rid of that!

This spring the municipality of our little town built a park but very different than usual. It is a sport park, where you can find all kind of fitness machines, and free to use for everyone.

The location is on the side of one of the main roads, so traffic passes by while you work out but with a lovely green view of the mountains.

We never thought that anyone would use it, but the Turkish desperate housewives seem to be very desperate to loose some weight and many get up early to do some work outs!

And we? I would love to say that we get up early every morning to work out for an hour...

The truth is these pictures are from a few months ago, after 5 minutes mum run away...

and never went back....

Sunday 26 October 2008

Easy things can get difficult

Due to unknown reasons, Turkey has banned the use of since Friday afternoon. Because of that we not only couldn't reach blogger but of course also not our own blog and millions of blogger blogs.Sometimes this country is hard to understand. We are now writing this through a friend who was so kind to offer her help (thank you JealousyDesign!).

Leaving comments is impossible at the moment for us, so please forgive us for our neglection of other blogs, hopefully we will have soon another solution or maybe they will remove the block (or so we hope). We can see the blogs through proxies but not everything can be done that way (like posting blogposts and comments).We are going to get some help from a more technical person, and hopefully we soon can enter all blocked sites in another way (besides blogger also youtube and many other sites have been blocked).

Please keep your fingers crossed, Turkey is going downwards the past few years, we are hoping for the best...

Friday 24 October 2008

Friday Findings: Computer Art

It's so funny to see how computers have taken a big part of our lifes these days, but also how artists get inspired by them. Here some of the many arts of Etsy inspired by computers...


Wednesday 22 October 2008

Messy Times

This picture might give the wrong impression at first glance, nothing bad happening only a last renovation (for this year). This year we have been pulling out the old rotten wooden floors to exchange with tiles. The last room is my mothers room and as she isn't home her room now looks like this...

Althought it looks pretty bad, the hard work will be done in 2 days. Then only the fun part will be left: redecorating.

And of course where there is action there are always some curious faces dying to find out what is going on...

Monday 20 October 2008

The Temple of Apollo

Sunday we went to Didim, my uncle has a house there and my mum will stay there for a week, so after a 3 hour trip we went to the temple of Apollo.

The Apollo Sanctuary has been constructed between 334 B.C. till the 4th Century A.D. A church has been incorporated in the 5th Century, a huge demolition happened by an earthquake around 1500.

Here you can see the columns fallen down.

Everywhere are amazing details, like reliefs depicting Artemis, Leto, Zeus and Apollo.

To get inside you past a tunnel.

Al thought we are almost in November it was extremely hot, about 35 Celsius (95 F).

We saw a lot of turtles walking around, sometimes it looked like the stones where moving.

A small precaution against graffiti (and it helps)...

...only graffiti from a long time ago.

Originally a series of Medusa heads would have appeared in the frieze on top of the tripartite architrave. Depictions of monsters like Medusa served to protect temples from harm.

And some information giving their:

With a length of 120m and a height of 25m, the so-called 'younger Didymeion' was one of the largest temples of the ancient world. The ruins preserved today gives a striking impression of the quality of the architectural workmanship required to build it. Despite being under construction over a very long period of time, the temple was never completely finished. Only 72 of the intended 122 columns were actually erected, and some of those standing are missing final decorative elements. For example, one of the three upright standing columns is missing its fluting and the entablature has been finished only on the front face of the building.
Those pieces which have been preserved still show outstanding quality of architectural decoration.