Friday 25 December 2020

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone! However you celebrate it, the end of 2020 is a good reason to be festive :)

Saturday 5 December 2020

Newly Listed: Knitted Wing Cowl

Knitted Wing Cowl, White Feathers Bridal Cowl, Scarf Winter Wedding Scales Wrap Cowl, Leaves, Birds of a Feather by StarsWear

Owl Winter White Snow Forest  Feathers Tree Branches Birds North Woodsy Wildlife Nature Frozen Woods Photography Photo Print by EclecticForest

Fantasy Fairy Tale Forest Art Print The Queen by ThisYearsGirl

Snowflakes, Winter's Flowers, Stars from the Heavens, Montana Snowflakes, art quality Photograph by spirithelpers

Saturday 14 November 2020

Get the Look Vol.21

Dough bowls have been quite trendy for a while especially for farmhouse styled, rustic interiors, great as a big center piece for on the table as seen above. The American ones are often carved wood, our Turkish ones are a bit different than the ones you usually see.

I've added some new basket sets in the shop, the more the bigger the impact, they give such a fun texture to the wall. We also have a fun wooden farm tool of which we have no idea of  its original function but it makes for a great decorative piece.

I love open shelving, the look of it, the dusting is another story. I saved this image as we have a fun collection of bottles in the shop but upon closer look I noticed the Boch La Louviere plate, of which I have listed a set of five in our Ebay store.

I love staged bookshelves as well, what better combination is there than books and art?
I've listed quite some lovely 'lived-in' pots which would look great on such shelves, the more the better.

I love the textures and colors of natural wooden bowls, especially the old ones that get additional texture by use. The Antique Pestle and Mortar I listed is not usable anymore but has amazing dents, holes and natural color textures.

Saturday 17 October 2020

House Process and Furniture Project

Our very slow process of the house had some big projects as well. One of them was getting a storage shed as we are already running out of space!

It was quite the operation to get it in its place, the distance was long so it had to be a big crane, and there was a wind that day which made it also harder.

A total of five guys and lots of staring.

It had to go around the corner, the crane operated could not see what he was doing so communication went through yelling and phone.

This part was scary, it could hit the roof of the house any time.

But it got in its place without any accidents, and guess what?

It is already pretty full :) Full with furniture projects waiting for me to tackle.

I did finish one, but that did not empty a lot of space ha ha.

The base is a flea market find, the top driftwood and boat wood.

 I made a video of the process how I made this cute little table.

Saturday 19 September 2020

Mid Century Style Coffee Table

I'm very happy how this coffee table turned out, made with a vintage collector's shelf which was in our attic for 20 years but now resurfaced while we are clearing out the attic.

It's perfect to showcase a collection of small objects like seashells, old coins etc. Available at StarHomeStudio, or contact us directly for a better price.

And a video of how I made it, incase you're curious :) 

Tuesday 15 September 2020

New Furniture Pieces

I've been very busy with some wonderful new furniture pieces, this large ottoman was very challengng but I'm in love with the results.

I've made a short video of its process, I did not take the foortage with YouTube in mind so it is not great but do you think I should make more process videos? Would you be interested in seeing that?

Another recent piece is this Butler Chair with Vintage embroidery.

I love how both are so colorful, they are available at StarHomeStudio, we do offer discounts when you contact us directly.

Monday 7 September 2020

Goodbyes and New Starts

It has been 6 weeks since my last blogpost, I never had such a long break. But in general, I've been a bad blogger this year. Us moving our house and workplace has been taken a lot of energy. We finally moved 5 weeks ago but just a few days before that my dear Mimi passed away. Mimi was like a shadow always near me, for 15 years we were inseparable, to say that I'm totally heartbroken is an understatement. She had been doing poorly for about a week, all of a sudden she wasn't doing good, and just 40 minutes before I was going to take her to the vet she passed away in my arms. I'm thankful for the years she gave me, her unconditional love and I'm glad I was with her till her last breath.

Just a few days later we moved to the new house almost exactly 1 year after buying it, which helped me with a new environment it was less hard not having her with me.

We still are not entirely done, neither with moving all our stuff from the old house as fixing the new house, still, tons to do, with barely a budget it is going slow, but we'll get there. I'll show photos soon.

Friday 24 July 2020

Newly Listed: Vintage Trunk Coffee table

Vintage Trunk Coffee table, End table with Wooden Legs, 1910s Suitcase Furniture, Pre WW1 Footlocker Side table by StarHomeStudio
Virginia Beach Pier Photograph Deep Teal, Wall Art Night Ocean Shore Seaside Pier Photography beach by KalstekPhotography
Watercolor World Map No. 6 by JessicaIllustration
Bronze Abstract, Nails, green, teal, blue, aqua, circle, line, urban, bokeh, 8x10, photograph, fine art by shyphotog

Thursday 9 July 2020

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Pearl Ring

Sea Urchin Pearl Ring, Pale Pink Duo Ring US size 7 by StaroftheEast
Fairy Tale Woodland Photo "Baby Birch" Ethereal Forest - Fine Art Photograph Print by missquitecontrary
Large ocean wall art Water landscape photography prints, Sea wave art print, nautical decor by RivuletPhotography
Nature Photography, Tree Photo, Spring Landscape, Pastel Pink, Dreamy, Wall Art by KateRyanFineArt

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Proof of Life

Things have been quiet on our blog, life has been crazy and hectic.
We are still moving!!! It has been 10 months since we bought the house but we are finally almost done.

Between weekend lockdowns and restrictions we have been juggling to get things done, while also keeping our shops updated. While most of our stuff is now moved and the workspaces are all there, the garden is not finished yet. In about 2 weeks once that is done we can take our pack of doggies and move to the new house. There won't be grass for less work and less water use, it all took longer than expected and cost more than anticipated but the ending is in sight.

I will blog about the house soon but in the mean time here is a finished ottoman which I did between going back and forth to the house so it took much longer than it normally would.

I had taken a before photo but it got lost somehow, it had fake leather and was all ripped and dirty. Everything had to go off which is always the part of reupholstering which takes a long time but you never see.

To create a rounded effect it got several layers of various fillings and batting.

The foam first got upholstered with a cream fabric as the kilim on top has little weaving holes.

Something most people don't do but with a slight case of OCD we kind of feel like we have to :) Covering the under staples with a trim.

This kilim was a large piece but we used the remaining parts of these chairs, we had been careful while cutting to keep the round part intact with an ottoman in mind.

I love how this cutie turned out, available at StarHomeStudio.

Another project that has taken ages, 4 months to be precise is this knitted jacket. You saw the start back in February.
The yarn wasn't enough, 3 times and then we ordered it at various places where it turned out to be out of stock, it was a struggle not to mention very hard to knit, but it is finished and turned out very special.

It has a weight and is super toasty.

I love the kind of woven basket effect.

This one is available at StarsWear, we have a few other new pieces but this one specifically deserved some extra attention :)