Saturday 17 October 2020

House Process and Furniture Project

Our very slow process of the house had some big projects as well. One of them was getting a storage shed as we are already running out of space!

It was quite the operation to get it in its place, the distance was long so it had to be a big crane, and there was a wind that day which made it also harder.

A total of five guys and lots of staring.

It had to go around the corner, the crane operated could not see what he was doing so communication went through yelling and phone.

This part was scary, it could hit the roof of the house any time.

But it got in its place without any accidents, and guess what?

It is already pretty full :) Full with furniture projects waiting for me to tackle.

I did finish one, but that did not empty a lot of space ha ha.

The base is a flea market find, the top driftwood and boat wood.

 I made a video of the process how I made this cute little table.


  1. Ah yes, your upcycled furniture do need a lot of space!

  2. I love your ambitious projects. and these photos from the construction site. The barn fits perfectly, I'm glad

  3. Really love it. Nice to see something like that. Love the table making also. Worth the time to watch. Thanks.

  4. Great post, enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks for sharing with us.