Saturday 30 May 2009

Little Sister: Collections

Don't we all love to collect 'things' during the years? Beside the regular things as stamps and foreign money there are many with interesting collections. Mum and I are both collectors of all kind of things, mums latest passion is vintage French beaded flowers. The old ones are so fine and sweet. I would love to see one of your collections! Send me a picture through Etsy's conversations or email with your story about how it started or whatever you would like to tell about your collection!

PetitPlat: ''I started a tiny bjd (ball-joinded-doll) collection. I only have two right now, but I guess there will be more. They are quite expensive so I won't have 50 but 10 is possible lol! Here are my current two: Eleonore is the white skinned, a pukipuki lily from fairyland. Alice is the tanned girl a lati white sp gloomy from latidolls.'' You can see them having a lovely breakfast, made by PetitPlat herself:

Kreativlink: ''The most important things I collect are experiences and memories. Yeah - maybe that sounds a bit sniffy but, it’s the truth. Wonderful things I collect in my head. Just for me. Ha! But - the other things I collect are books. It’s not so much that I collect them, they just pile up here in the house. They are everywhere. In the living room, on the stairs, in the bedroom, in the bathroom (yes!)… but the biggest piles are in that little guestroom upstairs. No more emtpy shelves to fill. I think, soon we’ll really have a problem …''

ArtMind: ''I have a lot of stuff but I don't really collect anything franticly.What I've been buying lots of lately is yarn! :)''

SwiedeBie: ''I have the main CD-Rom back in 2004, and have a growing number of extension packs (which most are left in Singapore), these that I have now are the most commonly played ones by me. I am still investing in more extension packs for my Sim. As it may seem like a childish collection, but the total graphical simulations never fails to amaze child within any adult. As you can see my interest and love for designing, building, construction, manipulating and executing the way my Sims will want to live their lives. I will pass on this game knowledge to my daughter when she is older, oh well, of course I have to wait 9 more years for that... You never know...''

Kraplap: ''I am a real collector from almost everything, so it's a bit difficult to choose... But the most striking part to be seen in our house are the traditional costume prints that hang everywhere. The picture shows the wall along the stairs. It's part of my traditional costume collection on stamps, coins, postcards, and also books about ir, and costume parts like hats, skirts, jewelry etc....''

LaTouchables: ''I love to collect books and strange art objects--a skull from a cow (I think of it as art), a gold-leaf-painted box from Mexico, and this enameled silver and copper brooch from my old metalsmithing teacher. I love very few possessions, but the few I have are of significant sentimental weight. But I always keep in mind that I may lose them, and if so, I would be able to live without.''

Vadjutka: ''I „collect” two things – this means that if I have a chance I buy them, but I do not search them all the time.
-Glass! I love vintage and/or colorful glasses. I collected quite a few throughout the years. I store them on my bookshelf: most of them are from the flea market in Budapest, but I have a few from Japan and Macau.

-Jewelry! I love traditional folk art jewelry and I always buy something when I am abroad – and I also get them as gifts.
Ont he picture: Seed necklace from the Caribbean sea, Necklace made of African pressed beads (the pink one), Carved bone bead necklace with Buddhas from Tibet (in themiddle), Plastic necklace from Paris (black-orange one), Belt embellishment from Turkey (hanging on a string), Earrings from Tibet, Necklace from Afganistan (at the bottom).

IngerMaaike: ''I collect but one thing and that is life. Every day one day more in my collection of unique, happy, intriguing, exasperating, wonderful life.''

TortillaGirl: ''I collect many things but the one that I cherish the most is my rosary collection. I am a practicing Catholic and I pray the rosary so it has significance for me, but I also appreciate rosary beads for their handmade beauty which is why I am always on the lookout for a new rosary to add to my collection.''

RavenHill: ''My husband laughs at me as I am always collecting things. My present passion is threads of all kinds for embroidery. I am just dreaming of finding time to use them all!''

Vilte: ''I don't collect something on purpose, but when thinking about this subject I just had to admit I have a habit of collecting stones everywhere and bringing it home. If I am travelling somewhere or just going sight seeing, I usually pick up stones I like. We have found some bigger stones in the land we are building our house (1st and 4th photo), I also want to make a stone river on the land there. Our table with glass top is all filled with stones from Lithuanian and Italian coast lines (3d photo). And I have stones put in decorative vessels everywhere in our home (these are stones from Tuscany in Italy on the 2nd photo).!!''

Meltemsem: 'I recently started a bell collection, it started when I heard that bells bring luck. I try to buy an interesting bell in every country I go, for now there are 6 of them.'

Alatvian: "I collect almost nothing since I lost everything when our house burned down and I realized that I don't need most of the things I had collected. But it is difficult for me to throw away the school-reports, awards of my children and gifts made by them. So one may say I am collecting them. :D"

DeerLola: ''I'm not really the type to collect stuff (unless boots count ? ;) but was thinking of items we have in or around the house in high(er) numbers. That's when I realized, and quickly noticed sitting out on our terrace today, we are the only ones in our street with half a forest in our backyard. We don't have a lawn or a nicely landscaped garden, we have trees. Lots of them. We love them. They offer protection and shade and provide housing to the birds and numerous squirrels. Unfortunately, trees have become something of a rarity in our neighborhood since people prefer grass over trees. And that's okay. But we love trees. I once read somewhere that one mature tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year… So there you go. We're very proud of our collection.''

Martice: ''I was thinking of things that I collect, and I actually think that I don't collect anything...BUT I have some things that are present in our house in more then average numbers. ;-)I can take a few things (partly) on my account. The green stuff on the balcony is very addictive... especially when you use your own seeds! And well, the yarns don't need any explanation. Then the books... this picture captures only a part of the collection... :S I dream of a in-house-library with library stairs etc etc etc... maybe one day? And last but not least: my pictures! I like to fill walls with pictures in different frames.''

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Flickr Favorites, Blog Award and Dawanda

1. Baby Mantis 1 PS, 2. Pink Wall With Spatter, 3. Love is in the air / El amor está en el aire, 4. IMG_7851m

This week I loved making the mosaics so much that I made two, love the different structures and the color scheme. If you would like to play too, visit Mitsy's blog to find more gorgeous mosaics!

1. .. .. .. .. .. .., 2. Pared de piedra - SLP México 2008 5086, 3. Algerien_5_0002, 4. Loctudy

The House of Mouse was so kind to award our blog with One Lovely Blog Award , thank you so much, Anna!

Here are the rules:
-Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
-Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
-Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
Yikes, 15 is a little too much that I can handle so I will name 5 to be not a complete rule breaker:
1. Anna+Lila 2. Jessica Doyle 3. MatchStickGirl 4. Vadjutka 5. PetitPlat
Please enjoy these blogs!

And last we finally decided to give Dawanda a try, and opened our shop last week!
The shop is still quite empty but will slowly be filled so that European buyers can shop in Euros.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Little Sister: In the Fridge

I'm just back from groceries shopping, the mission impossible to fill the fridge. I'm quite satisfied as all the empty whiteness is gone for now, but in a day or two it will be empty again. Is it just us? Do we have some secret housemates who empty our fridge? We are just with the two of us and I have the feeling that I just keep feeding the fridge monster. How are people doing it with a bunch of kids, do they ever leave the Supermarkets?? To find out the answers of these questions, I would love to see your fridge and wondering if yours is an eating monster too!

Send me your fridge picture through Etsy's conversations or Email!

IngerMaaike, family of 5: 'Our fridge is but a small one and holds mostly milk butter and some jam, on occasion some other sandwich spread. In the bottom part a pile of fruit. Where most of our food is kept is in the huge freezer in the cellar. It came with the house and holds enough for a 2 weeks siege (or in case we get snowed in...). This year we hope to fill it with a large stock of fruit and some veg too that we will grow ourselves.We shop mostly once a week and sometimes in between if I have to deliver a package to the postoffice.'

Vadjutka: 'Small flat, small fridge :) But now it is full: because my family is coming for lunch…in an hour…so I’d better prepare something.'

Meltem's fridge: 'I usually go to the weekly Bazaar on Saturday's for my groceries. This week I'm a little late so the fridge is still a bit empty!'

Kreativlink: 'As usual, rather emtpy. Good stuff doesn't last long in this house. What stays are the "standards" and the things nobody wants :)'

Alatvian's fridge: "Our fridge is usually rather empty. Otherwise I would eat even more. :D It looks pretty messy, but there is not a tiny possibility to have more order in it because of the kids. :D" :

Dinafragola seems to found a tric to keep her fridge full, wondering what her secret is...

Sabahnur's fridge is empty but please note the doilies on the shelves, in Turkey doilies are very populair and it is loved to cover everything with them!

Thursday 21 May 2009

The Beach Bag

We have been wanting to make Sea Urchin bags for such a long time, finally here is the first one!

To celebrate summer and to fit the theme the first bag is a beach bag, we are very happy with the results, hope you like it too :)

And a little blog update, I'm having trouble with making and updating the Little Sister blogposts on Friday's as Friday is usually a bit hectic, so from now on the Little Sister posts will be on Saturday!

1. kellya 2. ArtGarden 3. From our jewelry shop 4. theeye

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Flickr Favorites and Leo Dillis

1. Barn Swallow, 2. Splotch, 3. Semi-Green, 4. Resting

Mitsy of ArtMind continues the fun, every week their will be a game by posting a mosaic of your favorites of Flickr on your blog and Flickr page. Here is my mosaic, if you would like to see more mosaics or join the fun, check Mitsy's blog!

The colors of this mosaic fits perfectly with this painting. It is a painting of the Belgium artist Leo Dillis, I stumbled on his website a few weeks ago the details of his paintings are amazing.

Thursday 14 May 2009

Little Sister: Feet

Hmmm what can I say? Feet are not the most populair body part, guess it has something to do with the fact that they can be smelly LOL.
But when you think about it, they do carry our body, and see things from another level :)
Sooo I took a funny picture with my feet (yes summer has arrived here, time for slippers and toe rings!) and love to see your funny feet pictures, at least pictures can't be smelly :)
If you would like to participate send me your picture through Etsy's convo or email!

Apparently Alatvian is a passionate dancer, a Tango dancer. Here you see her feet in her old, but absolutely favorite Tango Argentino shoes:

Vaisto: 'My feet are like troll feet, not very pretty at all...unfortunately my daughter is blessed with the same ones ;) Poor thing...'

Psarokokalo with her smelly feet :)

MistyAurora with her flirty summer feet:

PlaskDesign: 'And I for one love my feet..... Almost as much as I love my boobs. :)'

IngerMaaike: 'All summer my feet are bare but for now they still are covered in felt and woolly socks. As soon as the temperature rises above 15 c the socks go. But the woolly feet are only covered in sandals at outside as soon as the snow goes. They hate being covered up which is kind of weird for someone with so many pairs of shoes :-D'

HeliS: 'I have long skinny toes, bones covered with skin. And they smell like summer :)' :

TortillaGirl: 'Here are my feet encased in my trusty sneakers as they stand on volcanic earth near the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. And when I'm sitting down in the summer heat by the water at Barton Springs in Austin, they wilt in a pair of flip-flops.':

MatchStickGirl after a long day walking in Paris, in a Hotel in Paris...:

IraGrant's feet are looking very chic:

XbyLeinaNeima: 'My hiking feet and my feet, while collecting stones on the beach :) '

SwiedeBie wearing two different socks with her morning eyes. 'Feet in mummified looking socks for my zombied (broken) toe. Make a guess which side it is on. :

LaTouchables feet loves to be barefoot:

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Flickr Favorites and Good News

Mitsy of ArtMind continues the fun, every week their will be a game by posting a mosaic of your favorites of Flickr on your blog and Flickr page. Here is my mosaic, if you would like to see more mosaics or join the fun, check Mitsy's blog!

And the good news is, your healing vibes helped! After the little accident of last week I'm almost back to normal, thank you for your kind words!