Tuesday 29 April 2008


In the last months, Etsy has more and more become a second home for us. Not only have we seen our sales increasing rapidly, the Etsy community feels like a warm space to be ourselves. The European Street Team, where we are proud members, is the place for a laugh and lots of support.

Many customers leave heart warming feedback. Many others just pop in to tell encouraging words, pay a compliment… and this is so great, because we are doing the work we love, the best we can.

It has become time to do something back: From now on, and till we reach the 500th sale, with every item that you purchase, you will get a ‘lottery’ number. At the current rate that shouldn’t take long.

When we reach the 500th sale, we will ask somebody of the European Street Team, live in the forum, to ‘pull a number’. The winner gets this beautiful, OOAK, bracelet, priced $94.

You don’t need to do anything, with every item that you purchase, we will send you a ‘lottery ticket number’. The winner gets a notification right away. So, if you were toying with the idea of purchasing from us, this is the moment to do it and make chance to win this gorgeous item.

Monday 28 April 2008

The Sterling Silver Sea Treasures Collection

Many times we have been asked for Sterling Silver sea urchin rings; here they are!

We had the ring blanks made by a local silversmith and they came out beautifully. They are made with oxidized sterling silver and available in all sizes between 5 and 11.

For the silver lovers!

Friday 25 April 2008

Friday Findings: Butterflies

theladyscloset- Butterfly

MarmeeCraft- Moth Speak

oladesign-night dance

Lisa Hurwitz-girl with butterflies

kellyrae-a life freed

Pamela Angus-Flutterbys - a stained glass 'flying' butterfly

Elle Moss-The Escape Artist

royalbuffet-butterfly quicksilver mobile

tcatalano-The present moment

rochelle31-butterly print

bonheur- a girl with butterfly

Tuesday 22 April 2008

The Beginning

We should have posted this blogpost at the beginning of all this, but we will just see this post as a flashback.

We started collecting sea urchins about 10 years ago. We found them amazing and where sure that we could make some amazing stuff with them...
Only problem was, they are very fragile, so the only thing we made was this home decoration, to hang on the walls. It has been hanging now for 10 years... all the other urchins we found in all those years where in a big glass bowl, getting dusty and now and then we undusted them.

When we started on Etsy, the amazing place to buy and sell handmade goods. We finally found the inspiration again to create more. And we found the tric to make the urchins not fragile anymore. We started selling them as beads at the supply shop... still not so sure what to do with them ourselves. The beads where selling like hot cakes and soon we needed to go to the beach to collect more. While we where collecting them I had a small one in my hand and put it on my finger, it looked amazing: the first (yet not made) sea urchin ring! Suddenly we got all kind of ideas with the urchins, there at that moment on the beach we finally found our niche... a great niche.

In dutch (probebly also in many other languages) is a saying: 'Money is lying on the street'.
In this case it should be 'Money is lying on the beach'.
I've been looking at Etsy to find more artist who use urchins as inspiration, here are some of them.


barbles-sea urchin

BellaBella-Antique Urchin Billford Notecard

bridgmanpottery-sea urchin vase

dlkdesigns-Vintage Dictionary Word Pendant- Sea Urchin Illustration

eggmanstudios-Urchin Collection Original Mini painting

happygoatsoap-Sea Urchin Shaped Soap

irenesuchocki-Of the blue, blue sea

lanternlitestudio-Sea Urchin Art Tile

pixelimpress-Sea Urchin Invitations set

Shandles-Mollusk Tealight Candle Holder

srussart-Woven Wire Sculpture-Sea Urchin

Sunday 20 April 2008

Nature has been painting....

We often try to escape to some lovely places on sunday's. Today we went to have a nice breakfast and a walk on the beach. But the beach was very colorless compairing to the colors on the sideway of the roads. This time is Poppy time, in a few weeks the heat will be so high that this beauty will be gone untill next spring.

Which reminds me a bit of the Treasury I made last night...

Look at us, like two smug little girls...

Doesn't it look like a painting? Well most paintings are made with nature as inspiration.

Some very lucky people who live just in the middle of this beauty...

The beach is still pretty...

Friday 18 April 2008

Friday Findings: Tea time!

VadimM - Green Teapot

Tildafilur- teapot and bears

Studiolyon-teapot on blue

Serpentmandalas-the mad hatters tea party-alice in wonderland

PuTokWagnerCeramics-patina green teapot

NomadClayworks-spotted teapot

LomaPrietaPottery-teapot with carved cherry blossoms

Lawatson-green teapot curly handle

JMNPOTTERY-teapot with scales black white yellow


biliana-english imagine teapot-tote bag

averypalmer-teapot and lemons

artcollage-afternoon tea