Thursday 28 May 2015

View from our Atelier

Here a little peek of our view from our atelier window.
And as you might have noticed there is a little guy on the trunk of the Palm tree.

Here you see him a little closer, the smart guy was catching flies high and dry, and keeping a sharp eye around him, look how he is looking at me :)

The funny thing is that last year we had another visitor on the same tree, at least I think he is not the same. I love how the structure of the tree and the reptile are the same :)

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Newly Listed: Bohemian Embroidered Blue Felt Jacket

Bohemian Embroidered Blue Felt Jacket with Trims and Velvet size medium by StarsWear
Ferris Wheel at Twilight, Carnival State Fair, Dreamy Soft Home, Fine Art Photography by xenya
Flower Photography, wall art floral branches botanical print Photograph by CarolynCochrane
Weathered Red Door Fine Art Photography, India, Faded Blue Stucco, Home Decor by DigitalYak

Monday 25 May 2015

Newly Listed: The Time Traveler's Wife Necklace

The Time Traveler's Wife Necklace Statement Steampunk Necklace by StaroftheEast
Door photograph, rustic, wood, garden, color photography, brick, rustic decor by oohprettyshiny
Floral Photography, Wall Art,  Home Decor , Landscape, Country Nature by TheTinOwl
Haughty woman portrait photography, a proud woman, sepia, goddess, original art by dorataya

Sunday 24 May 2015

Newly Listed: Asymmetrical Bird Earrings

Asymmetrical Bird Earrings Vintage Tin Statement Earrings Birds and Berries by StaroftheEast
Nature Photography, Red Berries, Dreamy Minimalist Art, Canvas Art by LisaRussoFineArt
red, berries, nature, tree, winter, fine art photography by BeverlyLeFevre
Red Winged Blackbird bird photo printed on matt or glossy photo paper by AnInspiredLens

Friday 22 May 2015


As I have mentioned several times before, this Winter we have attended a special silver course. These courses are arranged and paid for by a government under the name of Public Education. The courses are usually attended by women, rarely men, mostly as these courses are often attended by housewives, or retired people, anyway often people who do not have a regular job as the course are at day time. We do not fall in any of the categories, especially NOT the housewife lol :) But we had great fun and learned some special techniques which we will be able to use in our new jewelry pieces.

After 5 months, 3 days a week our course is coming to an end, next week will be our final week, this week however all the different courses had their exhibition to showcase what we all have made in the past months. There was our Silver jewelry pieces, oil paintings, marbled paper art, ceramics, hand painted wooden objects, beaded jewelry, wearable and home textile and embroidery.

Everyone was also welcome to sell their pieces for some extra income, most ladies were pleased with what they earned in the two days, the sale feel like a little reward after all the months of hard work :)

Some of our pieces are already in our shop in the Silver category and many more will be listed, we are planning to explore more of these techniques this Summer.

Monday 18 May 2015

Art278 Magazine

I just discovered that some of my driftwood pieces are featured in the Art278 magazine while surfing the web :) You can see it yourself in the online version or buy a copy :) You can find the driftwood pieces in our home decor shop, StarHomeStudio.

Saturday 16 May 2015

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Mini Sputnik Ring

Sterling Silver Mini Sputnik Ring One of a Kind Size 7 by StaroftheEast
Acrylic Painting Original  Beach, Ocean, Seaside, Sand Dollar by PatMcWhorter
Sand Photography, beach wall art seashore coastal photograph by CarolynCochrane
beach photography - nature wall art - sand dunes beach art by eireanneilis

Sunday 10 May 2015

Newly Listed: Driftwood Cloud with Vintage Crystal Raindrops

Driftwood Cloud with Vintage Crystal Raindrops - Wall Hanging - Medium by StarHomeStudio
pink clouds photography, sky photography, nature photography, pink clouds decor by bialakura
Gray Blue Ocean Photography, beach house, birds, nature photography, Nautical Decor by Raceytay
Fine Art Nature Photography . Blue Gray Sky Black Twigs . Abstract Photograph by Laboratory52

Thursday 7 May 2015

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Crown Ring

Sterling Silver Crown Ring Cubic zircon and Marquisite Royal Princess Ring by StaroftheEast
Fairytale fashion fantasy - karen cox. Paris by Emily Soto
Vintage Clip Art – Castle via thegraphicsfairy
The frog prince - Illustration print by majalin

Tuesday 5 May 2015

A Little Break

We have been two busy bees lately without any breaks. On Sunday we had our exhibition but as I had (and still have) the flu we did not go as I would have only been making everyone else ill while sneezing the place down :)

So we decided to make a 'real' Sunday out of it and had a lovely brunch outdoors and after that explored yet another unknown road leading to an unknown shore. The roads were too rough for our car so the last 2 miles we went on foot. We were welcomed by these lovely donkey's first.

And we came across dozens of turtles, I am not exaggerating! Every few meters their was another turtle, we were speculating that they maybe had a meeting on Monday as they all were going the same direction :)

In our area honey is a the income source for many, and we came across this funny rustic thing. I think there was a dead fish in it and a bunch of bees, but we have no idea what it was for.

And finally the shore! We did not see a single soul the entire day, what a luxury! At parts the shore was too narrow or non existing the walk but the weather was nice so we just walked bare-feet in the water. But the walk was worth it, we found beautiful driftwood and plenty of sea urchins and shells.

The way back was a bit tougher, with the weight of our treasures and walking uphills whith a terrible runny nose, but we made it and we had a great day :)