Thursday 28 June 2018

Newly Listed: Vintage Tin Bracelet

Vintage Tin Bracelet Vintage Brass Cuff Hammered Leaves and Flowers Art Nouveau by StaroftheEast
Pink and fresh green art, pastel bird art, wall art, nature art, pastel art, floral print by BrookeRyanPhoto
Nature art print, botanical print, blue sky decor, oleander flower art, floral decor by dullbuelight
Girl Portrait, Mixed Media, Acrylic Painting Pink And Aqua White Flowers Woodland Princess, by MidorisMyMuse

Monday 25 June 2018

Under the Sea

I went for another dive the other day.
Beside my GoPro I also now have a second hand camera which has a water proof case, I was hoping that it would take better macro pictures than the GoPro but it didn't work out yet. The camera is a compact Sony Cybershot works great above water, but I need to figure out how it can do better underwater, until I can afford something better!

Right below the surface all was fine problem is with underwater photography colors disappear.
At what depth does color disappear?
Red - 4-5 meters (15 feet)
Orange - 7-8 meters (25 feet)
Yellow - 10 meters (35 feet)
Green - 22 meters (70 feet)

I found this video intriguing to see how colors are effected underwater.

So the deeper you go the less color is left.

Resulting with only blue pictures at 25 meters (82 feet), unless you have a camera worth thousands with lights and special lenses.

I was at a different diving school than usual and things did not go very smoothly, not to mention that one guy finished his oxygen tank in 20 minutes during both dives resulting in much shorter dives than usual.
I think it would have been helpful to adjust the camera to 'cloudy day' setting, will try that next time :)

I took some videos with the GoPro, and wanted to edit them together but had some problems with that as well, I had a battle with cameras, hope for better pics and video next time. So here a short video where you can see me making friends with a fish, and you can actually also see the guy I mentioned above starting sharing a tank with someone :)
I would be grateful for subscribes and likes on YouTube as my channel is brand new!

Friday 22 June 2018

Newly Listed: Lace Driftwood Wall Art Installation

Lace Driftwood Wall Art Installation - Driftwood, Crochet Lace, Macrame, Wall Hanging by StarHomeStudio
Nature Photograph - Sky, Dreamy Clouds, Whimsy, Blue Sky - Drifting by willowvale
Romantic Photograph Wedding Photography, home decor, shabby chic flowers by Lori411
Owl Forest Photo, Tree Branches Birds Wildlife Nature Woods Photography Print by EclecticForest

Monday 18 June 2018

Hidden Beauty

It has been a while since we made our last big furniture piece.

This one was actually even worse with a horrible purple upholstery but I forgot to take a picture of it, I guess I wanted to get rid of that monstrous fabric asap.

After sanding, filling and painting its feet and making a new filling with fresh foam it already started to look better.

As we used a gorgeous vintage fabric we needed to be very careful before starting cutting the fabric, no room for error when your material is precious vintage handwoven fabric with hand embroidered flowers!

I got all giddy while making this, you can not not smile when you look at this chair :)

After all staple work was done it was time for the small finishing touches like blind stitching by hand for a smooth finishing. I prefer to do those outside for better light but miraculously we have been having rain these past few days (yaaay) so I did them in a funny way. Advantage when you work from home no need to get out of your comfy PJ's :)

Just some pretty trim for the front feet to cover the staples.

And she is ready!

My entire body aches, upholstery is hard work!

I love all the embroidered details!

This beautiful chair is available at StarHomeStudio among other unique furniture pieces.

Thursday 14 June 2018


Akyaka is a cute little coastal town just a half hour drive from our town.

It is especially popular among local tourists and College students from Mugla University as it is close by and there is no sea in Mugla it is a perfect weekend escape spot for them.

I went when it was not crowded yet, unfortunately it gets a bit too busy for my taste during the Summer so usually Spring and Fall is best.

These Geese had some issues among each other I think it was who is the boss contest.

One actually charged directly at me but I didn't budge so it lost interest right away :D

There are little boat trips you can take through the waters, which eventually end up at sea.

The water is super clear, I unfortunately had no underwater camera with me that day, will have to remember for my next visit.

Beside ducks and geese there were also a few beautiful dragonflies.

Akyaka has a very windy part of beach, and it is therefor very popular to Wind surf.

The local folk make a living with tourism and fish, and at a lot of places both are seen together. Some fishermen actually sell directly freshly made fish sandwiches from a boat.

And the sunsets are always amazing here, if you are in the neighbor hood, worth a visit :)

Monday 11 June 2018

Newly Listed: Natural Painted Driftwood Sticks

Natural Painted Driftwood Sticks, Beach Home Decor, Driftwood Decor, Set of 8 by StarHomeStudio
Nature Photograph, Man in the Moon, Crescent Moon, Stars, Bird in Tree,  Blue Sky by SherriConley
Beach Photography, bird monterey nature photography, animal photography, wall decor by LynnLangmade
Blue ocean wall art, beach print, nautical decor, pier photograph, wall art, Dusk at the Bay by LupenGrainne

Thursday 7 June 2018

A little Stop in Buldan

During our photo expedition on our return from Kula back home we made a short stop at Buldan.
This yellow building was right next to a Mosque and I'm guessing it is part of it as it says 'This property belongs to God' :).

I wish we could have stayed longer but we still had a long way back. Buldan was much better kept then Kula, houses were pretty well taken care of. Buldan is mostly known or the Buldan fabric, which is a handwoven fabric made out of cotton. You might know it from Turkish towels (Peshtemals) but it is also used for clothing and home textile.

The streets were colorful, the roads nicely paved with stones and electricity was underground making the town picturesque.

I love these adorable roof details.

A water tap, in old towns you often have them, with water becoming more valuable they are slowly disappearing.

Somebody drying some seeds. You can also often see dried peppers and eggplants. These are bought in bulk when they are cheap and can then be used when they get more expensive.

There are lots of unknown towns in Turkey, if you ever come this way don't hesitate to contact us for tips :)

These last 3  pictures are not mine, but just to show the fabric I mentioned before. (photo source: