Thursday 7 June 2018

A little Stop in Buldan

During our photo expedition on our return from Kula back home we made a short stop at Buldan.
This yellow building was right next to a Mosque and I'm guessing it is part of it as it says 'This property belongs to God' :).

I wish we could have stayed longer but we still had a long way back. Buldan was much better kept then Kula, houses were pretty well taken care of. Buldan is mostly known or the Buldan fabric, which is a handwoven fabric made out of cotton. You might know it from Turkish towels (Peshtemals) but it is also used for clothing and home textile.

The streets were colorful, the roads nicely paved with stones and electricity was underground making the town picturesque.

I love these adorable roof details.

A water tap, in old towns you often have them, with water becoming more valuable they are slowly disappearing.

Somebody drying some seeds. You can also often see dried peppers and eggplants. These are bought in bulk when they are cheap and can then be used when they get more expensive.

There are lots of unknown towns in Turkey, if you ever come this way don't hesitate to contact us for tips :)

These last 3  pictures are not mine, but just to show the fabric I mentioned before. (photo source:


  1. I liked this picturesque city

  2. It looks like a lovely town, such wonderful details you found!

  3. It is so many gorgeous places to visit...

  4. It looks so harmonic when the facades of the houses all have this ocher tone, so beautiful.

  5. Love your photo trips in those quaint towns!
    Makes me want to visit Turkey... but with you! :D