Monday 30 April 2012

Monday Moodboard

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Our hands are clean but most often wounded.
We work with fire, needles and tools, but most importantly we work from the heart.
These pieces are all made by hand like many other pieces on Etsy, but unfortunatly slowly on, many resellers and mass producers are claiming our place.
When we are sad and broken hearted we can not create!

Protect Handmade, Protest with us on 10th of May, we will be silent and we won't use ugly words, we will be closing our shop for 24 hours, our words are not heard, so maybe our silence will be.

Join the thousands of shops here on Protesty, together we can make a difference!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Real Handmade

Most people on Etsy are by now aware of the huge blunder Etsy made with a Featured (re)seller on Etsy. Many people noticed that she had manicured hands although she was claiming to make furniture, if you are not aware yet why thousands of Etsy sellers are protesting you can find two good reports on Regretsy here and here.

So here we are after almost 5 years on Etsy working our bumms off, and me having a neck hernia on the age of 28 from endless hours spent at the workbench and the computer, and nowhere close to manicured hands while resellers are selling like crazy without getting their hands dirty, living in Malibu and making the big bucks on a so called handmade site :(

Monday 23 April 2012

Monday Moodboard

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Sunny days, blue sky and nature is waking up, the most wonderful season of the year!

Wishing you a wonderful monday!

Saturday 21 April 2012

Saturday Super Woman

This week's Super Woman is Elsa Mora, better known as Elsita. Originally from Cuba she moved to the USA in 2001 to be with the love of her life, her husband has a carreer in Hollywood so she also has a glamorous side in her life like attending the Oscar awards.

Everything she does is amazing, from original art to paper cutting, jewelry making, miniature books, ceramics, doll making, cloth making and I'm sure I missed or am not aware of many more hidden talents. She has the amazing amount of 5 blogs: Elsita, Miniature Artists Books, The Hidden Seed, Dolls Have Feelings too and All about Papercutting. You can drool over her blogs for a long time, be sure to hold your eyeballs in place :)

On her fashion blog, The hidden seed you can see her outfits, and often selfmade jewelry.

She is also the mother of two, and I think she hardly sleeps to keep up with her artistic mind :)

All her work has something from a fairytale, a magical world which I wish the world would be.

Daily life can also been seen but in the Elsita style, like this Rush Hour necklace, how fun this kind of rush hour would be!

This is just a tiny fraction of what she has made, you'll have to check her blogs and shop to get the entire picture of her talents.

All images are from Elsa Mora's blogs.

Stay tuned for more Super Women!

Thursday 19 April 2012

Our creative space...

We are always on the outlook for hand embroidered pieces to use for bags. I found six chinese beautifully embroidered pieces on Etsy, but the fabric is rag fine semitransparent silk.

I decided to applique them on felt with the help of a new needle punch attachment for the Bernina. For that you need wool roving in the same color as the felt.

Normal roving would do fine, but I found, again on Etsy, thin pencil roving and that makes things easier. First I go once all around the embroidery punching the roving on the felt and fabric.

Then I cut the silk close to the embroidery and go a second time with the roving and the needles.

It is a lot of work, but the result is an embroidery totally embedded in the felt and it looks great!

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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Seriously looking Zeyno :)

Monday 16 April 2012

Monday Moodboard

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Ready for Spring? Some sweet pink and the smell of flowers will refresh your memory of what that word actually means to those who have been having long winters :)

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

Saturday 14 April 2012

Saturday Super Woman

There are some amazing women on this planet. You know the kind that seem to be able to do anything and everything? I've decided to feature those kind of women and wanted to start with Lisa from Lil Fish Studios.

When you go to her blog you'll find out what I mean, she lives in the middle of nature and takes all advantages that comes with it, felted embroidered pebbles, felted miniature acorns, wooden furniture for her kids, kids clothing, even painted shoes, wooden toys and so much more. Everything she does she does with natural materials she collects and she has an amazing artistic eye, a true pleasure to go through her blog, her shop is always sold out and you have to be really fast to catch something.

She also does wonderful art projects with her children.

Lisa says: 'Living the rural life in the woods of Minnesota, I find myself creating art that reflects the variety of textures and colors around me. The tiny worlds of fungi, moss, and lichens are particularly intriguing to me. I use primarily recycled and natural materials in my work, especially wool and wood.'
Which sums up perfectly what you'll discover at her blog.

We are the lucky owners of these two pebbles and an acorn adornment :)

All images are from Lil Fish Studios.

Stay tuned for more Super Women!

Thursday 12 April 2012

Our Creative Space...

It has been a while since I showed you some yummy mess :)

Mum has been busy in the sewing room and it is like a hurricane has passed!

The result is a very sweet shabby chic bag, or that is what it is going to become once it is finished.

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Monday 9 April 2012

Monday Moodboard

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Summer is coming and the sea comes closer to us, and you know how much I love the sea :)

Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday 7 April 2012

All kinds of critters

Our vet is a good soul and feeds the stray cats by his front door.
Of course, cats being cats, have taken over his clinic. You can find them under his desk, on his desk, on the shelves, on the computer, and so on.

They look extremely satisfied.

Less satisfied is our Mimi, being 'peeled' by the vet. Bye winter coat!

Monday 2 April 2012

Monday Moodboard

Nature is coming alive and even the hours have been changed to summer time, for those who are not feeling spring like yet, this one is for you :)

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!