Thursday 29 June 2017

Newly Listed: Leather Kilim Doctor Bag

Kilim Bag, Leather Doctor Bag made with Vintage Kilim and Leather, Boho Tapestry Bag by StarBags
Red Berries Bittersweet Ocean Nature Photography Earthy Woodlands, Fine Art Print by DebbraObertanecArt
Butterfly Photograph nature photography, painted lady butterfly, boho, whimsical decor by TreetopPhotoShop
She made a wish in weeping rain by GordanaPhoto

Monday 26 June 2017

Monarch Butterflies

I've cut up another vintage tin box to make these earrings today. I kept them pretty simple and they got an oxidized finishing for an aged look, the ear wires are sterling silver.
While making these I remembered some amazing images I saw of Monarch butterflies so I looked them up.

(picture source: kimcampion)

Monarch Butterflies go to the South to survive the Winter. Most butterflies from the US go to Mexico and gather together, millions of butterflies all adorning tree trunks.

(picture source:

There was a huge decline in these beauties but the past 2 years they have increased from 33 million to 200 millions, still pesticides, destruction of their habitat and extreme Winters can cause for large declines in short times.

 If you would like these beauties to visit your garden and want to help out:
-Plant native milkweed
-Avoid planting tropical milkweed
-Avoid using herbicides or pesticides in your yard to control weeds, as they harm butterflies, and other valuable insects.
More information available at,

(picture source:

How fascinating is this?!

(picture source: kimcampion)

Friday 23 June 2017

Newly Listed: Bohemian Floral Dress

Bohemian Floral Dress, Sunny Yellow Dress, Vintage Embroidery, Linen, Flowers by StarsWear
Botanical photography print yellow green quince fruit tree farmhouse decor wall art by LupenGrainne
Polaroid Photograph, Fine Art, Home Decor, Michigan Art, Polaroid Art Print, Yellow by AliciaBock
Photography Sparklers, Fine Art Photograph, Flower Picture, Yellow Blossoms by FlandersField

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Summer Bags

We've made a whole bunch of adorable Summer bags.

They all start with cute vintage hand embroideries, birds are always a favorite :)

Then the patchwork, this takes many hours as we only use scraps to re use them, the scraps first need to match the colors of the embroidery, they are then cut to size and then arranged in a balanced way.

We have a fun trick for sewing the patchwork easier, we showed it a while back.

Each are different and one of a kind, and all material is vintage or upcycled, except for the rivets and magnetic snaps.

All are available in our bag shop, with loads of other one of a kind bags :)

Thursday 15 June 2017

Newly Listed: Knitted Felted Wool Bag

Knitted Felted Wool Bag Ombre Rainbow Checked Purse by StarBags
Original Abstract Painting Rainbow Oil Painting Modern Colorful Accent Wall Art by AbstractArtM
Large Original Multicolour Abstract grid painting - Acrylic on Canvas by LajoieStudios
Abstract triangles art, Original watercolor, Geometric watercolor, Modern geometry by villavera

Monday 12 June 2017

Get the Look Vol.6

It has been a few month since I posted a Get the Look post, and in the mean time a few inspiring pieces were added in our decor shop.
The picture above is of course very appealing to me with both a big map and a globe light, love the butterflies too. We have a few vintage maps in the shop and a globe light too!

What a way to welcome your guests, or to come home. Not everyone has the luxury of spacious hallways but I like it when there is more than just a pile of shoes to welcome you. A chandelier gives a luxurious vibe and of course is handy to see where you are going to. I think our vintage chandelier would look fabulous in a hallway, or any room for that matter :)

Macrame was so 1970's but it is back in a big way, and some are really huge and amazing.
While I like doing it I don't think I will be knotting curtains, it might drive me crazy/ier and we can't have that happening :)
So a smaller macrame project but with shells, of course.

 I love everything of this house, especially the mid century chairs (although white wouldn't be my choice) and the bronze bird statue. We have a very colorful mid century chair in the shop, and there is my driftwood bird statue, maybe not so elegant, but I like him, he has character :)

Thursday 8 June 2017

Newly Listed: Sea Coral Necklace

Sea Coral Necklace, Sterling Silver, Sea Foam Colored Coral Branch, Mermaid Jewel by StaroftheEast
Seagull photo, coast gulls, fresh mint, outer banks, seaside, ocean, photography, wall art by bomobob
Ocean Photograph, Mint Green Photography, Large Art Print, Seafoam Wall Art, Coastal Picture by PureNaturePhotos
Seafoam Bokeh Photography Backdrop For Portraits, Studio Shoots, Photo Booth Background by FabDrops

Monday 5 June 2017

Our Creative Space...

Remember the huge pile of vintage tin boxes I showed you? We thrifted in dozens of thriftstores for them and I just used the first box and thought it would be good to show you that the tins will be used and how :)

With a tin scissor I cut the box to become flat pieces, not very difficult but if you are not careful you can cut yourself as tin can get very sharp when cut.

I cut out the two big birds and thought the Eurasian Jay feathers I find in our garden match perfectly. I'm always happy when I find a feather, knowing that they are cruelty free I can use them without doubt.

I filed around the birds to make the sharp edges soft and then soldered around it and soldered loops to so that I can attach things to it.

After washing off the solder flux I attach some pretty leaved ear posts to which I added mother of pearl flowers. And I added the feathers, left and right just like the birds.

The box was vintage so this pair is completely one of a kind, I wish I had more of those birds as they match so well with the feathers!

They are impressively big 3 3 /8'' and 3 1/2'' (8.5 cm and 9 cm) but light weight which is another reason why I love to use tin.
The earrings are available in the shop, and maybe I'll make a matching necklace with the remaining pieces, or cut round pieces and dome them to become beads, not sure yet. Now you can see how much things can come out of just a little tiny box, hundreds of things will come out of the big stash we have now :)

Saturday 3 June 2017

Newly Listed: Sputnik Sea Urchin Necklace

Sputnik Sea Urchin Necklace Sterling Silver Necklace Beach Jewelry, Natural Sea Treasure by StaroftheEast
Beach photograph, Seaweed Waves, Neutral Toned, Landscape, Rhode Island Beach, Ocean by LilyShihPhoto
Ocean Photography Print, Fine Art, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Coast, Storm, Waves Beach by WildWildernessPhotos
Sand Photography, beach photo, wall art seashore print coastal photograph, Sandy Shore by CarolynCochrane

Thursday 1 June 2017

Back Home :)

We're back home from our long but delightful trip from Northern California. We arrived Monday evening after a 3 airplane travel and a total travel time of more than 30 hours. It was kind of hellish but we survived :)
We came with 8 (!!!) suitcases, two carry-alls and two hand bags, and one bag with snacks, a total of 13 pieces of luggage. Yes, we paid a lot of money for excess luggage ;)

Our rental car was exploding, filled to the brim, when we went back to SF airport.

During the 4 hour drive, mum had to sit with a bunch of globes on her lap. In San Francisco after checking in to our hotel (close to the airport) we went to our 70th or so thrift store to get one more suitcase for the final items. We couldn't do it earlier as we wouldn't have fit in the car :D

Checking in with so much luggage was a challenge, we had to push each two carts full of luggage for about two miles to check-in, at 5 o clock in the morning, without breakfast. By the time we were checked in we were already exhausted.
But eventually we arrived, all suitcases arrived too and we got them in our car which was at the airport, it took some puzzling but as our own car is a little bigger mum didn't need to have a suitcase on her lap.

I'm sure you are wondering what the hell was in so many suitcases :)
Well a total of 19 (!!!) globes helped for the bulk :)

More than a 100 books helped for the weight!

Loads of tins helped in general ;) And will be used for jewelry.
All tins were filled with semi precious stones and treasures for new jewelry pieces.

And the remaining was filled up with a huge pile of vintage embroideries, trims, yarns and fabrics with a few vintage dolls, you get easily 8 suitcases full enough to burst :) We also got some clothes (all thrifted, we did not buy anything new, eco friendly shopping :) ) and some fun things for ourselves.

We have been catching up with orders and trying to clear out all the stuff.
My globe collection doubled from 19 to 38, most have a place already, kind of crazy but I love it :D

Yes I even managed to color coordinate them :)

We'll be making new things soon, missed making things and we have lots of new supplies to work with and are full of inspiration!