Thursday 1 June 2017

Back Home :)

We're back home from our long but delightful trip from Northern California. We arrived Monday evening after a 3 airplane travel and a total travel time of more than 30 hours. It was kind of hellish but we survived :)
We came with 8 (!!!) suitcases, two carry-alls and two hand bags, and one bag with snacks, a total of 13 pieces of luggage. Yes, we paid a lot of money for excess luggage ;)

Our rental car was exploding, filled to the brim, when we went back to SF airport.

During the 4 hour drive, mum had to sit with a bunch of globes on her lap. In San Francisco after checking in to our hotel (close to the airport) we went to our 70th or so thrift store to get one more suitcase for the final items. We couldn't do it earlier as we wouldn't have fit in the car :D

Checking in with so much luggage was a challenge, we had to push each two carts full of luggage for about two miles to check-in, at 5 o clock in the morning, without breakfast. By the time we were checked in we were already exhausted.
But eventually we arrived, all suitcases arrived too and we got them in our car which was at the airport, it took some puzzling but as our own car is a little bigger mum didn't need to have a suitcase on her lap.

I'm sure you are wondering what the hell was in so many suitcases :)
Well a total of 19 (!!!) globes helped for the bulk :)

More than a 100 books helped for the weight!

Loads of tins helped in general ;) And will be used for jewelry.
All tins were filled with semi precious stones and treasures for new jewelry pieces.

And the remaining was filled up with a huge pile of vintage embroideries, trims, yarns and fabrics with a few vintage dolls, you get easily 8 suitcases full enough to burst :) We also got some clothes (all thrifted, we did not buy anything new, eco friendly shopping :) ) and some fun things for ourselves.

We have been catching up with orders and trying to clear out all the stuff.
My globe collection doubled from 19 to 38, most have a place already, kind of crazy but I love it :D

Yes I even managed to color coordinate them :)

We'll be making new things soon, missed making things and we have lots of new supplies to work with and are full of inspiration!


  1. This is a very funny baggage list. I think you use your purchases with profit. Do you ever open a school of geography with such a number of globes?

  2. I just love your globes! They look amazing! And I love the tins and boxes you bought too!
    It is easy to see how you needed so many bags. :)

  3. oh my goodness, that is A LOT of stuff! But glad to read it makes you all happy! Beautiful globe collection!

  4. Ha ha lots of stuff indeed. I sometimes have suitcases I cannot lift off the ground myself...usually filled with books too :D