Saturday 14 November 2020

Get the Look Vol.21

Dough bowls have been quite trendy for a while especially for farmhouse styled, rustic interiors, great as a big center piece for on the table as seen above. The American ones are often carved wood, our Turkish ones are a bit different than the ones you usually see.

I've added some new basket sets in the shop, the more the bigger the impact, they give such a fun texture to the wall. We also have a fun wooden farm tool of which we have no idea of  its original function but it makes for a great decorative piece.

I love open shelving, the look of it, the dusting is another story. I saved this image as we have a fun collection of bottles in the shop but upon closer look I noticed the Boch La Louviere plate, of which I have listed a set of five in our Ebay store.

I love staged bookshelves as well, what better combination is there than books and art?
I've listed quite some lovely 'lived-in' pots which would look great on such shelves, the more the better.

I love the textures and colors of natural wooden bowls, especially the old ones that get additional texture by use. The Antique Pestle and Mortar I listed is not usable anymore but has amazing dents, holes and natural color textures.