Monday 31 October 2016

Sunday Pleasures

Yesterday it was warm and sunny and I went with a friend to another friend's farm in a village not so far from our town.

Life there is so different than in the cities. Work is working on the land and the animals, all food comes from their own land and animals and every where is some kind of food. pumpkins lying around either to be cooked or still in the fields.

Chicken walking around everywhere, providing eggs and also meat eventually.

I even found a chicken between my car and tire :)

Pretty flowers on balconies and in front of the houses.

And an extending sheep family :)

We were send home with lots of food, including these gorgeous pomegranates, mandarins and almonds.

Eating pomegranates is a hassle, but I love squeezing them for their delicious and gorgeous colored juice!

Saturday 29 October 2016

Newly Listed: Druzy Amethyst Necklace and Ring

Druzy Amethyst Necklace and Ring Hand formed Copper and Bronze Statement jewelry by StaroftheEast
Vancouver photograph, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park seawall, skyline, wall decor, Misty  by SandyWigginsImages
Macro Photograph, Spider Web Photography, Nature Print, Dew Cob Web Picture, Wall Art by InLightImagery
Purple wall art, California river landscape, dreamy river photograph, lavender art Misty by LupenGrainne

Thursday 27 October 2016

Tassel Fun

After the large tassels for the ornaments I showed on Monday, here are some tiny tassels. Making tassels with forks was a big surprise looking at the reactions on Instagram, but my mother learned it like that in Spain at school :)

After finishing the tassels I added brass caps with loops for a more chicer finishing. I then threaded them with many tiny glass seed beads and brass beads in to multi layered necklaces.

For now one in shades of blue, green and turquoise...

And one in shades of pink, peach and purple but more shades are in the planning.

Also thinking about bracelet in this style!

These two bohemian necklaces are available at StarDelights :)

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Newly Listed: Village by the River Skirt

Village by the River Skirt Fairy tale Vintage Woodland Gobelin Tapestry Fabric Clothing Plus Size Clothing by StarsWear
Butterfly, pink green lavender, still life, muted dusty, fine art photo, print, art, wall decor, pale soft muted by dorataya
Flower Photography - English Lavender Print by JudithKimberPhoto
Dream Within A Dream, Photograph Photography, Surreal Ethereal Dreamy, Dreamscape Garden Decor by gildinglilies

Monday 24 October 2016

Our Creative Space...

Now that Christmas shopping season is approaching (not so much yet as the elections are of course a scarier issue) we are making ornaments. We like to make a few new types every season, they are always in small editions which makes it fun to make and more special for those who buy them :)

This year we actually made them even more special by making our own handmade tassels! They are so much richer and fuller than the ready bought ones, making them look just way prettier :)

This is done with a fringe maker. After Mum winds the yarn, thread etc around it, I sew it several times with the sewing machine making a fringe. Then I round it up to make it a tassel with some hand sewing and a bead cap or beads for a pretty finishing touch.

We are now working on some iridescent and shiny tassels for some extra festive ornaments :)
These and more are available at Star Home Studio.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Caretta Caretta

Not far from our town is a smaller town in an amazing bay called Dalyan.

Yesterday I made a necklace inspired by this place. Beside its obvious beauty it is especially know for being the beach where every Summer about 2000 Loggerhead Sea turtles (Caretta caretta) lay their eggs. The hatching of the eggs is a big attraction and there are many volunteers to keep the beaches safe for them but also to check for wounded turtles.

I made the necklace with large pieces of Variscite stone resembling the bay, and a vintage sterling silver sea turtle with moving petals and feet.

There is a sea turtle research, rescue and rehabilitation center where people from all over the world come to volunteer passionately, their website is DeKamer (in English).

I'm very happy how the necklace turned out, it really feels like a piece of home for me :)

Dalyan has also huge and ancient grave tombs carved out in the mountains and is about an hour drive from us, the entire Mediterranean coast is full with amazing bays and beaches with loads of history too.

The necklace is available at Star of the East, and if you ever decide to visit, let us know :)

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Newly Listed: Soft Knitted Skirt

Soft Knitted Skirt Hand Knitted Cozy Winter Rainbow skirt Clothing size medium by StarsWear
Shabby Chic Photography Pastel Hydrangea Flower in Romantic Ivory and Violet by TreetopPhotoShop
Dreamy Clouds Sky, Spring Summer Nature Photography, Wall Art, Home Decor Fine Art Print by DebiBishop
Nature Print, Purple Wall Decor, Heather Photography Print, Botanical Print, Home Decor by AgaFarrell

Monday 17 October 2016

Kilim Love Vol. 2

Another Kilim wave today, I love how the texture and colors of these beauties makes everything so much more special!
This bag is another doctor's bag but much larger than the one we sold, it can be used as a weekender, won't that make your trip stylish?

The leather is upcycled too, eco friendly till we drop ;) And is available at StarBags.

This Kilim is in good state and too pretty to cut up! It can be used as rug, as a big cover for a large cushion or can be used in less classic ways like hanging above your bed...

It is available at StarHomeStudio, among other vintage beauties.

Our kilim above could also be used like they did on Gravity Homes, as an accent on bed. (p.s. our rug is dry cleaned ;)).

And a little furniture project in between. This super rustic wooden stool, it never has been glamarous but was in very sad state when we got our hands on it.

After some crazy paint work, no sanding to keep the rustic, aged appeal in tact, and varnishing.

And building a bigger seat which also made is stable...

Filling with foam and batting.

Last finishing touches, with nails and brass bead caps, you never know when you might need some good jewelry supply stash :)

And tadaaa! A super bohemian / rustic and yes finally a bit glamorous little pouf/ stool.

The top is also handwoven, all vintage materials, brought back together, re-used, so very satisfying :)

The ottoman is also available in our StarHomeStudio, among other one of a kind furniture.

Thursday 13 October 2016

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Aquamarine Necklace

Sterling Silver Aquamarine Necklace, Art Nouveau style, Leaves of Nature by StaroftheEast
Skyline Landscape Photography, Aqua Sky Photo, White Clouds, Trees by TreetopPhotoShop
Beach house photography, art photo print, ocean, wall home decor,  Florida picture by MFphotoart
Ocean Photography, Wall Art, Beach Landscape, Seascape, Art Print, Wall Decor by ColorPopPhotoShop