Sunday 30 November 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Ring

Sea Urchin Ring - Pink Flower Beach Jewelry by StaroftheEast
Crow Art Print, Blackbird In Tree Photograph, Blackbird Art Image, Raven by gothicrow
Rustic, flower photograph, dried flowers, romantic, floral wall art, fine art photo by dullbluelight
Lighthouse Photography Surreal Art Nature, Seaside Decor, Pastel, Red Nautical by AgaFarrell

Friday 28 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

We are featured in this amazing Gift Guide, entirely made by Ruby from PaperWhispers, have a peek there is plenty of gorgeous gift ideas in it!
All items have clickable links for an easy shopping experience :)

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Newly Listed: Fairy Tale Jacket Child Coat

Fairy Tale Jacket Child Coat size T6 Vintage Gobelin Tapestry Fabric Clothing by StarsWear
Leaves, Tree Branches, Earth Nature, Winter Fine Art Photography Wall Art by stilldez
Forest Macro Photography - Glow Mushroom Square Format Fine Art Print by PrettyYellowHouses
Woodland Art, Nature Photography, Mushroom in Morning Dew, Woodland Tale by AgaFarrell

Sunday 23 November 2014

Newly Listed: Asymmetrical Pottery Earrings

Asymmetrical Pottery Earrings with Pearls Blue Beach Pottery Sea Tumbled Pottery by StaroftheEast
Nature photography-Icy Blue-winter landscape-icicles-dripping -cabin by IrishVikingDesigns
Sea Wave, Nautical Photography, Ocean, Stormy Sea, Dark Mysterious, Sea Storm by BreeMadden
Beach Decor Photography, sand grasses, Dunes, nature fine art by moonlightphotography

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Special Christmas Sale!

Our very first sale, EVER!
Specially for the Season we have a nice section of discounted items in the bag shop, check the Christmas Sale section for discounts up to 50%! More bags and wallets will be added in the coming days, right in time to get some nice presents :)

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Newly Listed: Seashore town

Seashore town Driftwood Art constellation Nautical Home Decor by StarHomeStudio
Wolf by Laselle
Forgotten, wood, boat, rust, peeling paint, sea, ocean, coastal, old, decayed, Greece by aeolia
Seaside Fine Art Photograph Nature, Beach, Coastal, Sea Grass, Fog, Fence by mariegradypalcic

Monday 17 November 2014

Newly Listed: Green Forest Dress

Green Forest Dress Trees, Moose, Deer, Vintage Gobelin Tapestry Fabric Clothing by StarsWear
Woodland photography, brown mushrooms in green moss, nature photography by TreetopPhotoShop
Landscape Photograph, Dreamy Forest Trail, Fine Art Photography by SuzanneHarfordPhoto
Tree Bark Marco Photography enchanting fine art photography nature rustic macro by dorataya

Sunday 16 November 2014

Great Sky

A few days ago we went treasure hunting to one of the beaches we go. Unfortunately we came back empty handed but on our return the view was worth the trip!

Below you see the sea and the town we live in, here you also have a peek on what kind of roads we always travel to get out of town, driving fast is not an option here!

The next day it was storming and raining like crazy so we were lucky with the weather that day.

Isn't nature amazing?!

Saturday 15 November 2014

Newly Listed: Woodland Skirt Deer Skirt

Woodland Skirt Deer Skirt Vintage Gobelin Tapestry Fabric Clothing by StarsWear
Hummingbird Photography, flying annas art, bird photography, fine art print by SightToSoul
Grouping of Three Abstracts by sherilwright
Thankful - landscape photography - Colorful Autumn Photo - Guadalupe River by slightclutter

Friday 14 November 2014

Newly Listed: Talisman Necklace

Talisman Necklace Sterling Silver Protection Necklace Wiccan Jewelry by StaroftheEast
Tranquil Sky - Aluminum Print by CarrStudio
Nature Photography Plant Flower Fine Art Beauty in the Smallest of Things by LawsonImages
Fall Decor, White pumpkin print photo, nature photography, thanksgiving by semisweetstudios

Thursday 13 November 2014

Newly Listed: Plum Knitted Bolero Cardigan

Plum Knitted Bolero Cardigan Knitwear Clothing by StarsWear
Vintage books photograph - romantic photography, shabby chic by photographybykarina
Fine Art Photography, Food photography, Figs, Still Life Photography by AsliAlin
Woodland Tree Photograph - nature  winter home decor by AmeliaKayPhotography

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Newly Listed: Robin Bird Bag

Robin Bird Bag Woodland Berries Vintage Embroidery, Linen, Kiss-lock by StarBags
Nature Photography, Bare Branches Photograph, Orange Berries, Fine Art Photo by ellemoss
Misty Oak Leaves, Morning Light, Nature Woodland Photograph by WhitesideHollow
Fine Art Print, snail photography, nature photography, branch, leaf by BeckyMcCreary

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Leaves are Falling

As you might know by now we have very loooong and hot Summers here. It starts in April and can easily go on in October sometimes even November.

Fall has arrived now finally, with much anticipated cooler weather and rain showers to give all those thirsty trees as delicious treat.

The leaves have just started to change color and fall, we are in mid November!

We never have snow, and it very rarely goes below freezing point, some winters one or two nights it freezes a bit. Mostly it is a lot of rain.

Our little street is still very green though and most plants and trees will stay like this all winter.

We also still have plenty of flowers.

Look at these little fire balls, totally in fashion with Ombré colors :)

These big white flowers are from the Yucca plant. The flowers get so heavy that they only stay up right for a few days.

And finally my ridiculous socks and pants *giggles* the big advantage of working from home is every day is a PJ's day :) I think our delivery guys think that we sleep all day though. And yes, I have a soft spot for crazy socks, I have 5 more color combo's of these. Please note that the pants have doggies paw prints on them :)

Sunday 9 November 2014

Newly Listed: Vintage Tin Earrings

Vintage Tin Earrings Statement Earrings Soldered Leaves and Flowers Art Nouveau by StaroftheEast
Cedar Berries - botanical art photography green nature tree leaves woodland by LeafandBloom
Stellar's Jay, Vivid Blue Bird Portrait with of Leaves, Feather, Fine Art Photograph by JuneHunter
another day, another fairytale - decorative photography - red leaves fog texture decor by slightclutter

Saturday 8 November 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Ornaments

Sea Urchin Ornaments with tassels and metal findings by StarHomeStudio
Tree Photography, Winter Lights, Bare Branches, Magical, Fairy Lights, Night Sky by ellemoss
Winter photography trees holiday lights branches Christmas photo by CarlChristensen
Tree Lights Photography - Holiday Photography, Tree, branches, Home Decor by DreamyPhoto

Friday 7 November 2014

Newly Listed: Moon Necklace

Moon Necklace Vintage Watch glass, Full Moon - I love you to the moon and back by StaroftheEast
Whimsical Photography Night Sky Moon and Stars Night Landscape by ara133photography
Gravity - Photography fine art print diorama art by ClemensWirth
Milky Way Photography, Night Star Photography, Astrophotography by CHughesPhotography

Wednesday 5 November 2014

A little Trip

On Friday we went to Izmir again, for some serious supply shopping and a visit to IKEA for some additional drawers for the sewing room. I have blogged before about Izmir, you can see those posts here. As we left home at 6.30 am after 3 hours driving I could hardly keep my eyes open so we had a coffee break close to our destination were these adorable birds were patiently waiting for breakfast, right next to us, clearly used to humans.

After our mission in IKEA was completed we went in to town for some supplies. First stop was here for trims for clothing. The shop is filled in every nook and cranny with buttons, trims zippers and so fort, this is just a part of the shop, you can spent an entire day there and get totally dizzy out of it :)

Buttons and evil eyes.

More buttons!

Zippers and trim.

We also went to several jewelry supply shops and got home after 9 pm totally exhausted but happily welcomed by a huge bunch of hungry doggies who were past their dinner time :)

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Newly Listed: Flamenco Tassel Skirt

Flamenco Tassel Skirt Red Poppies Vintage Embroidery Tango Dance by StarsWear
Poppy Field. Art Photography Print by Mandariina
Fine Art Photography Yellow Monarch Butterfly Botanical by KarenWebbPhotography
Fine Art Photography print beautiful lily flower bokeh wall art home decor by photoechoes

Monday 3 November 2014

Newly Listed: Geometric Metalwork Earrings

Geometric Metalwork Earrings Vintage handmade Cylinder finds Rustic Jewelry by StaroftheEast
NYC Skyline at Night, New York Photography, Chrysler Building, Lights, by EyePoetryPhotography
Butterfly Photography, Surreal Art, Fairy Lights, Celestial Art Print, Illuminated Art by AgaFarrell
Fields of Gold - original film art photograph of sunlit wheat field by InmostLight

Sunday 2 November 2014

Newly Listed: Paisley Crocheted Scarf

Paisley Crocheted Scarf Earth colors Natural Cotton Luxurious Accessory by StarsWear
Big grey world punctured by a small orange leaf by GordanaPhoto
Flower photograph, ethereal, floral, botanical, fine art print, wall art by dullbluelight
Beach, Ocean Photography, Landscape Photography, Mountain by EyePoetryPhotography