Friday 30 May 2008

Friday Findings: Silk

gochemoche-Light Mint Green barrette- Tsumami kanzashi

XbyLeinaNeima-Hand Dyed Natural Silk Scarf with Herb Print

prettybetty-Prima Donna

astridland-silk scarf wrap dress

feydesigns-Silk Ribbon Little Flower Brooch Rosita

Gilbea- Three modernist flowers-silk painting

ArtfulBeginnings-Silk applique pillow

akaisilks-Black Fire silk divinity dress

Thursday 29 May 2008

Mother–in–law’s tongue

It’s funny how an apparently disconnected and innocuous flower name can reveal a lot about a land’s culture.

This cactus, blooming in our garden, seems harmless and soft to the touch. In reality, any contact with its tender bristles, results in a painful and burning sensation that lasts for hours. Therefore its Turkish name: mother-in-law’s tongue.

Monday 26 May 2008

No Time at all...

As we are extremly busy with making our new workplace and moving, we haven't have alot of time to do our normal 'things'. There for this poem was quite in place....

(Time Goes By....)


Was TIME born with all the sky?
Can TIME suffer and also die?
Is TIME flat? Or is TIME round?
Where is TIME? Can TIME be found?
Is TIME there with each beat of the heart?
Was TIME there from the very start?
Must TIME go to that being made?
Does TIME show by that being fade?
Can TIME give and also take?
Must TIME be for that to make?
Does TIME provide a way dimensions are spaced?
Are all creatures of TIME somehow inwardly paced?
Is all manner of TIME with all matter that be?
Does TIME flow endlessly?
How does the future with TIME flow past?
Does TIME move slow? Can TIME move fast?
Is TIME rough? Or is TIME smooth?
Can TIME have inflame? How does TIME soothe?
Is TIME bound? Or is TIME free?
Is TIME that what is meant to be?

Tony Avila Sampson

Friday 23 May 2008

Friday Findings: Owls

We have been neglecting our blog the past week, we are moving our workplace and will soon be back with updates and pictures.

gypsyandtwink-text owl

yumiyumi-Sitting Pretty

MATTY8080-four owl collection

ManicMuffinTotes- Another Lil Girly Hoot

Lapomme- The White Owl

ItsAllAboutThePrint-Mr Owl Scrabble Tile Art Pendant

inkfingerniff-She waits for wisdom

hushmouse-herbert enjoys comfy chairs

Holly-Wood Owl Wall Decal

Fandangled-Hoot Applique Tee

Deadworry- Owl Field Bag

craftyredfox-Solemn Owl Momma and Owlet

boygirlparty-Navy Owl Hoodie

belindadarling-tea rose the owl

Friday 16 May 2008

Friday Findings- Bicycles

As I usually start to collect the friday findings at monday I was surprised to see this storique article, as it seems to be that the third friday of may is the National Bike to work day!

wingspandesign-Beijing Bicycle

vital-organic cotton bicycle shirt

studio1212-Green Bicycle

primpedpaperie- Ride To Live, Live To Ride

paulchung-A Couple Riding Bicycles


kilkennycat-City Cat Bicycle Ride

katedurkin-la bicicletta shoulder bag

JunkyardSam-Bicycle 1940

Iscreamseams-Flying Bike Messenger

Daydreamers-Lets Ride Bikes Card


cathynichols-the two of us

bicyclepaintings-Postcard sampler set


Wednesday 14 May 2008

Small Bazaar

This quiet little square forms the entrance to the small bazaar in our town. It can’t be compared, of course, with those in Istanbul or Izmir, it is very touristy and the prices are high.
Nevertheless, it is the place to go when we are looking for special presents.

This antique shop is our favorite for ethnographic items.

This is a German clock with Arabic digits made for the ottoman market before 1932.

Some cross stitched bed linen from an old trousseau.

We bought that hand sewing machine in the picture for a friend’s birthday. It has lovely tiny hand painted flowers on most surfaces.

It is a nice place to rummage about any how.
And…look what we found this time! These are lovely totally handmade old filigree silver beads and bead caps…