Friday 23 May 2008

Friday Findings: Owls

We have been neglecting our blog the past week, we are moving our workplace and will soon be back with updates and pictures.

gypsyandtwink-text owl

yumiyumi-Sitting Pretty

MATTY8080-four owl collection

ManicMuffinTotes- Another Lil Girly Hoot

Lapomme- The White Owl

ItsAllAboutThePrint-Mr Owl Scrabble Tile Art Pendant

inkfingerniff-She waits for wisdom

hushmouse-herbert enjoys comfy chairs

Holly-Wood Owl Wall Decal

Fandangled-Hoot Applique Tee

Deadworry- Owl Field Bag

craftyredfox-Solemn Owl Momma and Owlet

boygirlparty-Navy Owl Hoodie

belindadarling-tea rose the owl


  1. Great findings Star, I like owls, in this case; the scrabble pendant is gorgeous! I do have to do something with owls in my graphic work!
    have a nice weekend!!!

  2. One is missing in this collection, but it would not really suit there - me, this night owl :P I love owls and I LOVE your finds!!

  3. Super cute finds!! Good luck with the move, sounds like a lot of work!

  4. Fabulous owls! Well collected :-)

  5. I love owls! Great selection and "Herbert enjoys comfy chairs" is my old fave :)

  6. Always stunning findings Star... super cute owls!!!

  7. thank you for featuring my tea rose owl along with these other wonderful finds!.

  8. I love owls! hushmouse's is my fav...
    I guess I need to make an owl scrabble tile pendant too!

  9. Owls are great! I like them :)

  10. Whoo-whoo! Woohoo! Beautiful findings, Star, ahem, if I may say so myself :D Thank you for including my white owl in your picks!