Monday 28 August 2017

Little in Between Project

Just to show that we sometimes make our furniture for ourselves :)
This was a large wooden tray originally used at a bakery to let dough raise, I scored a few of them and after a thorough cleaning they have been in storage for a year or two.
I sawed little shelves for it and after nailing those all in place it got two layers of white paint.

Here a sexy picture of me, glasses all foggy as it is still 40 Celsius degrees here I got all sweaty and it condenses in the plastic glasses, yes very sexy especially with my leopard night gown :D

But it did turn out cool, perfect for all our large thread bobbins in the sewing room. The only new thing was the paint, so a good recycle project too :)

Friday 25 August 2017

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Abalone Ring

Sterling Silver Abalone Ring Seashell Ring US size 8 Peacock Colors by StaroftheEast
Photography, Nature Picture, Landscape Photography, Lake, Trees, Forest Enchantment by ara133photography
Lake House Wall Decor, Aqua Photography, Teal Picture, Water Photograph, Large Art Print, Ocean Photo by PureNaturePhotos
Blue Dreams, Water, Lake, Fine Art Photography, Abstract Art Photo, Tree, Branches by polychromatophil

Monday 21 August 2017

From the Branch to the Ear

We have these lovely Orange Trumpet Creepers in our garden. They give shade to our car and color in our garden.

They also keep dropping these bells, which I just lately realized would look perfect as earrings.

I drilled the tops and put jewelry nails through them.

I varnished them several times and painted them with conductive paint. I shaped the wires in ear wires and the ends were filed for a soft smooth round tip.

They were then electroformed for a total of about 6 hours, first with copper and then silver (999).

I oxidized them and brushed them and the results are these beautiful, organically shaped earrings.

They are light, and each pair will have its natural differences.

They are available in the shop.

Thursday 10 August 2017

Newly Listed: Kaleidoscope Hobo Bag

Kaleidoscope Hobo Bag Crocheted Flowers, Colorful Boho Purse by StarBags
Enchanted Garden - Fine Art Photograph by UnaPhoto
Lilac Bicycle Photograph, Rustic Distressed, Shabby Chic Cottage Home Bike  Flowers by TammieJeanPhoto
Michigan Print, Purple Thistles, Distressed Wildflowers, Purple Green Textured Wildflowers by 1029GallerybyEvie

Thursday 3 August 2017

Moroccan Tiles

Yesterday we finished this beautiful patchwork bag. We used all kind of vintage and pre-loved fabrics and added some doilies which we had dyed a while back.
The result reminds me of the beautiful Moroccan tiles which I love.

Don't you just love the combination of various patterns?

I found all these tile images on Pinterest, among many others.

I love how little pieces of fabric can turn in something beautiful and useful.

The bag is available at StarBags.

Would you like to have a home with these tiles? Only for one room perhaps to not get overwhelmed :)?