Monday, 16 July 2018

Rhodes Island; Lindos

If you missed my first day in Rhodes, you can check it out here. The second day we went to Lindos. I was the only one who thought about taking their driver's license so I was the driver, but traffic was very easy.

The distance between Rhodes and Lindos is about the same as Rhodes and Marmaris, my home town :)

It was an adorable little town on a hill, with on top a castle.
We did not go to the castle as it was hot and a long steep hill.

As an animal lover I could not bear to make use of these poor donkeys... Most tourists thought the same but still plenty were making use of them, not impressed about that.

The town itself was clean and adorable, very well kept and definitely worth a visit.

I loved all the various doors.

And again such beautiful mosaics with pebbles, I would love to do it with our entry, but am afraid I would loose my patience midway.

I was glad to see that the donkey guides at least were walking too, and not using a donkey as well, so that they were suffering a bit too, yes I know I'm cruel and mean.

I loved all the cute details, and I love how these places definitely know that tourists come to the charming places and not new modernized buildings.

I really hope to visit the other Greek islands soon as well, I wish I had started visiting them before :)

Maybe another time I'll climb up to the castle, I'm sure the view is amazing.

I also hope to dive one day here, see if there is much difference from across :)

Even though I did not want to make use of the donkeys I did make use of these poor fishes. My tired feet did appreciate it although they were not very thorough lol.

Friday, 13 July 2018


Yesterday we had to say goodbye to sweet Zeyno, our biggest dog and one that has been with us for fourteen years. It was her time and she has had a very good life. She has been loved and pampered.

She never was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a big, good hearted dingus that let all the other dogs use her as a mattress  and boss her around. We haven't known an other dog as patient, innocent and with good intentions as she.

Zeyno, thank you so much for all the love and the smiles and the warmth you gave us all these years, you will be missed.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Our Creative Space...

We've made these floral tights by sewing leaves and flowers by hand.

What you might no realize is that they have to be stretched to sew or they are just tiny nets and sewing is impossible.

We actually purchased a mannequin with just legs for just this purpose :)

It does do the trick, but sewing these are still a challenge and take many hours to finish.

These are available at StarsWear, among many other unique clothing.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Little Rhodes Trip

I had a little surprise trip to Rhodes which was fun as I never had been there even though there are ferry boats from our town that just take 1 hour to go there.

We have several Greek Islands near us, and I never visited any of them but when a friend was going with a private yacht I could not resist and went as well.

I never been in Greece and it was so funny that I arrived there in such a short time. I always thought that Rhodes would be like our town as it is so close but it does really clearly belong to a different country.

I only was there for 1.5 day but seen a lot of the town Rhodes and we rented a car to drive to Lindos which I will blog about too.

It kind of reminded me of Rome at some places.

I loved the look of the old town a lot, it has a lot of charm.

Lots of amazing stone work which I loved.

I definitely want to go back for a longer trip to explore better and see different places of the island.

There are 3000 Rhodes born Turks there and you can still see the remnants of the old days with some Mosques along side churches.

In general I loved the little streets without traffic with lots of history.

We did not go to the castle, hopefully next time.

I loved all the arches something you do not really see in Turkey.

Evil eyes are as popular in Greece as in Turkey.

My love for old doors was also satisfied :)

Although some things are exactly the same food costs 4x more in Rhodes than in our town.

Color coordinated cat, yellow black and white :)

And at night.

I also have pictures to share from Lindos which was beautiful as well.

Hope you enjoyed my trip as well :)