Monday 30 July 2018

A Local Adventure

A week ago I went to Seferihisar, a little town about 4 hours from ours.
I went there for an underwater video workshop but I got up early on Friday to leave at 6 am so that I would arrive at 10 am to explore the town.

My first stop was Teos Ancient Site, first settled during the Protogeometric period at circa 1000 BC.
There were more places to see but it was soooo hot and I was on only 2 hours of sleep that I could not stay longer than 2 hours and had to escape the heat.

Entrance is 5 lira (1 dollar) and that includes a map which is handy as it is a pretty large area.

The Bouleuterion was in pretty good shape. A bouleuterion, also translated as council house, assembly house, and senate house, was a building in ancient Greece which housed the council of citizens of a democratic city state. These representatives assembled at the bouleteurion to confer and decide about public affairs. There are several extant bouleuteria around Greece and its former colonies.

In the middle of the site was also an old woman with her goats I'm pretty sure that the goats are appreciated as they keep the vegetation at bay :)

If I had been there during May or Fall I would definitely spent some more time but without shade it was really too hot to stay for too long.

There was still work going on at the site.

I loved these tunnels the most, nice shady and the beauty of abandonment very clear.

I then went to a little old Mill, the Greek history was clear all around Seferihisar.

Making use of the wind in several ways.

The town itself could easily be in Greece, as you know Turkey has a long history with Greece.

Beautiful old mosque.

Around the old town were the remnants of a castle wall.
On Sunday there was a bazaar here extremely crowded but with delicious home made food. We ate so much between our two dives that day that I was afraid I would sink too fast :D

Due to the heat it was very quiet when I went.

This I did all on Friday including some theory briefing for my video workshop in the evening.

As the town is small but popular there are not many hotels and  I discovered that rooms were pretty expensive. I discovered a lovely bungalow through Airbnb and it had this lovely place to sit with a cool breeze and amazing view.

At night I woke up to this red moon, not a blood moon just red due to the heat, I did take pics of the blood moon which you can see at my previous blog post.

On Saturday and Sunday we had two dives each day, and we took videos, will edit them soon to post on YouTube.

I managed to take a few photos as well, but mostly videos as that was what the course was about.

There was much more to see that in my town, the sea life especially the flora better preserved.

I had a great time and hope to do one on photography as well as underwater photography is tricky :)

View from our table during dinner.

Saturday 28 July 2018

Blood Moon

Last night there was a moon eclipse, which you probably already knew :) Here from Turkey it could clearly be seen from start to finish, it started to go back at 00:30 which I was too tired to shoot.

Total lunar eclipses are also sometimes called Blood Moons because of the reddish-orange glow the Moon takes on during the eclipse.
On the day of the eclipse, the Full Moon is also at its farthest from the Earth, so it looks a little smaller in the sky, making this a Blood Micro Moon eclipse.

I took these photos with a compact camera, first time I managed to take photos of the moon but I had done some research and I took my time. First of all you need a tripod the slightest movement will ruin the photo. If you do not have a wireless or cable shutter release (like me) use the self-timer function which I did on 2 seconds as your finger pushing the shutter also causes for movement.
Somewhere I had read to adjust the focus to eternity which made a huge difference. ISO on 400 as suggested at some places did not work out for me, I had it on automatic or 200. And aperture on f/4. I plaid around a lot on manuel mode, and am happy with the results for the camera I have :) Sharing this info as I saw a lot of very grainy or vague spots of moon photos these past few hours.

Thursday 26 July 2018

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Tuesday 24 July 2018

Hide and Seek

Remember the Juanita's?
One (Lulu) is missing in this picture...

Even though there is a cushion and plenty of space for her...
Did you spot her yet?

Between stashes of fabric she somehow discovered a little hole for herself and happily lies there these past two days (she does get up in between of course).

Lulu the little flying sausage, now looking very innocent. We discovered that everything we heard about Dachshunds is true and than some; they are incredibly naughty, but also a delicious delight :)

Thursday 19 July 2018

Newly Listed: Fringe Driftwood Wall Art

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