Tuesday 24 July 2018

Hide and Seek

Remember the Juanita's?
One (Lulu) is missing in this picture...

Even though there is a cushion and plenty of space for her...
Did you spot her yet?

Between stashes of fabric she somehow discovered a little hole for herself and happily lies there these past two days (she does get up in between of course).

Lulu the little flying sausage, now looking very innocent. We discovered that everything we heard about Dachshunds is true and than some; they are incredibly naughty, but also a delicious delight :)


  1. He he he Lulu is a cat at heart ;)

  2. really your dachshund has a cat's habits

  3. Haha, so cute! :D my cats also sometimes find the weirdest spots to sleep.
    Smart little fellows ^^