Saturday 31 May 2014

Newly Listed: Seashore town Driftwood Wall Art constellation

Seashore town Driftwood Wall Art constellation by StarHomeStudio
Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Waves, Life Guard Tower, Surfing, California, Summer by ADayInJuly
Paris Rooftops Photo, Fine Art Photography, French art, Pastel decor by PhotographyDream
Beach photography, ocean, California, Big Sur, coast, coastline, cliffs, waves, blue by ShannonLeePhoto

Friday 30 May 2014

Newly Listed: Textured Cameo Necklace - Ceramic, Pearls, metal, solder

Textured Cameo Necklace - Ceramic, Pearls, metal, solder by StaroftheEast
Ethereal Portrait, Marie, Mint Green, Soft White, Pale Pastel, Woman, Romantic, Dreamy by ellemoss
Seaside photography, Wall art, Ocean photography, Summer by PhotographyDream
Dandelion Seeds Water Drops Silver Gray Home Decor Fine Art Little Sparkles by LawsonImages

Thursday 29 May 2014

The Adventure with a Dromedary

Yesterday we were in Aydin again to the veterinarian faculty to have two of our doggies checked.
You can see here that it is quite a strange place, mostly with cows and goats but also dogs. This time there was a dromedary. The faculty is like a labyrinth, oddly shaped all corridors look the same and it has a round center so you can go round and round and round and you can go crazy there.

Our two girls have both bumps under their skin, afraid that it might be bad tumors we went straight to the faculty instead of a vet in our own town. We went through the maze a few dozen times for blood tests and X-rays and I kept seeing the dromedary in different kind of states, first totally knocked out as it had a wound and needed to be treated. Later a bit awake looking around.

Here is Lily waiting for X-rays, it was all mighty interesting for her, and both the girls behaved very brave and sweet :)

While Daisy was recovering and Lily was being operated I saw that the Dromedary was now completely awake and what a sweety he is.

The owner and the dromedary had clearly a very good relationship as they kept kissing each other which I found very endearing especially when it is in a macho country :)

The mouth was so silky soft, and he had very sweet eyes, I didn't know that they were so endearing, never been close to any of them before.

In the mean time we were waiting for hours as both girls needed to be operated separately. We got up before 6 in the morning as Aydın is a two and a half hour drive and we needed to be there by 9, we were back home at 7 and after 12 hours we all four needed recovery!

While waiting mum discovered that one of the bird species have gorgeous black and white feathers.

I got hold of the ground-keeper and asked if I could get inside to collect the fallen feathers which he kindly agreed to and opened the locked door for me.

They were very curious and extremely noisy making noise constantly.

Back home our two girls are recovering very well (knock on wood), I learned how to give them the antibiotic injections so it all goes calmly without taking them to the vet. They are treated with yummy food and lovingly made soups.

And although they do not know why they had to be cut and suffer they still love us so I think they do know that we would never do anything to harm them :)

And here are the treasures I collected from my curious friends, totally cruelty free feathers, so beautiful!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Newly Listed: Kuchi Gypsy Coin Earrings

Kuchi Gypsy Coin Earrings Vintage Kuchi handmade hammered finds Rustic Jewelry by StaroftheEast
Romantic Photography macro wall decor art white photo shabby chic baby's breath by Lori411
Incantatrix, Fine Art Photography by ParvanaPhotography
Black and White Photography - bubbles bathroom decor bath print  by CarolynCochrane

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Love Ring Sea Urchin

Sea Love Ring Sea Urchin Pink Duo Ring with Heart by StaroftheEast
Love photography art mint beach art prints decor heart balloon pink love print by CarolineMint
rose photograph, nature photography, graceful decay petals garden botanical, aging beauty by MyanSoffia
Ocean photography, Beach home decor, seashore,seagulls, sky, clouds by VintageChicImages

Sunday 18 May 2014

Newly Listed: Sail Away Jewelry Organizer Rack

Sail Away Jewelry Organizer Rack, Towel Holder, Boat wood, Beach Home Decor by StarHomeStudio
Mykonos, Little Venice, Greek islands, fine art,photography, home decor by digitalanddictionary
Pink Magenta Red Jellyfish on Pale Aqua Green Blue Turquoise - Fine Art Photo by BrookeRyanPhoto
Beach Decor, Lighthouse Photography, Howth, Ireland, Red, Blue by GreenGooseGallery

Friday 16 May 2014

Newly Listed: Fairy tale Dress Sleeping Beauty Vintage Embroidery

Fairy tale Dress Sleeping Beauty Red Roses Vintage Embroidery Linen by StarsWear
Red brick wall, tree branch, climbing rose thorns, nature photography by ASheaDesignLab
Roses to Breathe by FineArtByDawn
Disneyland Sleeping Beauty's Castle Artistic Print by VixensloveVintage

Thursday 15 May 2014

Newly Listed: Hand Woven Laptop Tablet Bag Sleeve Patchwork

Hand Woven Laptop Tablet Bag Sleeve Patchwork by StarBags
Psychedelic -  fine art photo print - spiderweb, macro, nature, droplets by karinelizabeth
New York Photography, New York Prints, Urban Art, Battery Park by 1029Gallery
Flower Photography - Blue and purple orchids fine art photograph by WindrushImages

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Flora and Fauna

Once a year for a day or two, this prickly cactus becomes quite the beauty.

This year she out did herself, I would swear her flower was red last year, and yes she is a she, a guy can't be so pretty :)

As it only lasts for a day or two I took some pictures to keep this richness for longer to enjoy.

I would love a skirt like this a bit inspired by those lovely flower people in the animation movie Epic.

I googled for cactus flowers apparently their are many beautiful cactus flowers, but this one is the Echinopsis mamillosa. I know that if you plant the flower a new cactus will appear from it, but not sure how that works and to plant it.

As for the fauna, a large grasshopper visited us in the sewing room, I helped him to the great outdoors safely, a pity that you can't see its antenna's as they were huge I'm guessing about 10-11 cm (4- 4 1/2'').

Monday 12 May 2014

Newly Listed: Asymmetric Pebble Earrings

Asymmetric Pebble Earrings - Beach Jewelry by StaroftheEast
Beach photograph - coastal landscape photography - seascape sea shore by LupenGrainne
Neutral Home Decor, rain drops, water, gray, wood, fine art print by moonlightphotography
Oregon Coast Ocean Photography Rock Pacific Northwest Storm Landscape by WildWildernessPhotos

Sunday 11 May 2014

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Seashell Necklace Abalone Shell

Sterling Silver Seashell Necklace Abalone Shell by StaroftheEast
Feather Photography, Peacock Feather Wall Art Picture by AmyTylerPhotography
Flying Bird Photography print Photograph The Great Escape by CarolynCochrane
Ocean Photo, Landscape Photography, Nature, Minimal Seascape by EyePoetryPhotography

Saturday 10 May 2014

Sew Cute

We had a little side project yesterday, a little self made gift for Mother's day, making our own little sewing machine. We started with using a toy sewing machine as model.

Then copying that to fabric.

After some trial and error, we finally were satisfied with the outcome.

We first thought to paint the decoration you can see above that I wrote Singer on one of them, but the paint was a bit tacky, one wrong drop and it would be ruined, besides it wouldn't look very pretty. So we went for gold lace, you know to copy the old sewing machines which were mostly black with gold details.

Tadaaaa! Our very own sewing machine, we love it!

The shape it not perfect yet, the needle is a bit too high and the body goes a bit crooked but it is very charming and this was only the first, we are already busy with a second which body turned out better.

We used a vintage brass piece for the wheel and a vintage brass button on the front for the thread tension :)

Both sides are decorated with lace. On top of the machine is a metal piece for the bobbin, which is vintage too, a very cute wooden one.

The bottom is found on the beach, just a few days ago, a lot of pieces from a lot of places, it was fun to make and the result is even more fun. We have a little collection of old little sewing machines, you can see the start of it here, there are two more now, and this little guy will be a great addition to the collection :)

Thursday 8 May 2014

Newly Listed: Felt Woodland Messenger Laptop Bag

Felt Woodland Messenger Laptop Macbook Bag Sleeve with Vintage Goblin by StarBags
Nature Photography, Surreal Fantasy Nature Landscape, Dreamy Trees Fantasy by KathyFornal
Radiant Orchid, Woodland Photography, Dreamy Photography, Tree Photography by riotjane
Tree Photography Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park, Giant Sequoia Trees, by LookinforLight

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Anemone Necklace Sterling Silver and Pearls

Sea Anemone Necklace Sterling Silver and Pearls by StaroftheEast
Book of the Sea - Hand stitched Clam shell Book Sculpture - Blank Journal by odelae
White Urchin Photograph Art Print Nature Photography Sea Urchin by MachelSpencePHOTO
Silver Shores - Beach Photography, Nautical, Pacific Ocean,  by EyePoetryPhotography

Tuesday 6 May 2014

The Trail of a Snail

After each rain we always find a large art work of snail trails on our balcony, where it stays pretty dry during the rains so the snails escape there to not drown.
As you can see all trails are very wiggly, and if you imagine that they approximately go 1 mm per second leaving this trail must have taken hours, so that made me wonder, why in earth do they not just go straight to where they want to go?

So I started Googling first for 'snail trail', unfortunately this therm apparently also has a very different meaning, you'll see when you Google it, but it keeps surprising me how almost each word or phrase also has a sexual meaning, so when you search for very innocent words you can get some horrible pictures at Google Image. This is also the reason why I titled this post The trail of the Snail instead of Snail trail.

After several possibilities I gave up on my question of 'why do snails go in circles?' but did find some very fun facts about them. Funny enough beside the Giant African Snail the largest snails are in Turkey and Georgia both in the Black Sea region.
And some very interesting facts about the slime itself, source is Wikipedia (of course):
Land snails move by gliding along on their muscular foot, which is lubricated with mucus and covered with epithelial cilia.This motion is powered by succeeding waves of muscular contractions that move down the ventral of the foot. This muscular action is clearly visible when a snail is crawling on the glass of a window. Snails secrete mucus externally to keep their soft bodies from drying out. They also secrete mucus from the foot to aid in locomotion by reducing friction, and to help reduce the risk of mechanical injury from sharp objects, meaning they can crawl over a sharp edge like a straight razor and not be injured.

Basically this slime is some super stuff, I mean we can not walk on razors but those little slimy things can slide on a sharp razor without being cut, pretty cool right? But my question still stands and curiosity is a gift and a curse :) So if anyone knows please feed my hunger for this knowledge;Why do snails go round and round instead of straight???

Monday 5 May 2014

Newly Listed: Cross Stitch Draw String Bag

Cross Stitch Draw String Bag - Crocheted Embroidered Floral Bucket purse by StarBags
Wildflower photography, still life, roses, modern flower decor, floral, botanical print by ScarlettElla
Hops and Flowers. Floral, Rustic, Cabin, Dark, Still Life. Fine Art Photography by FrameonYou
Red Tulip Print - flower photography dark botanical fine art Petals in the Grass by CarolynCochrane

Friday 2 May 2014

Newly Listed: The Wolf and the Seven little Goats Skirt

Fairy tale Skirt Vintage The Wolf and the Seven little Goats Gobelin Fabric by StarsWear
Denali - Wolf Face Photograph by AMWestlyPhotography
Big Bad Wolf Proof - Rustic Inlaid Rope Framed by CountryCandids
Tree Photography Forest Soft Light Winter Trees Woodland Landscape by KalstekPhotography