Friday 15 May 2020

Turkish Bath

If you've ever been to Turkey you might have been to a Turkish bath, Hamam.

Almost all of them have amazing architectural structures, and often the main bath area is round with a domed roof which has glass holes for light to get through as the Hamams have no windows for obvious reasons.

In the middle of the main bath area is an area where you can lay on (sometimes they are heated from underneath). The stuff that will come off you will shock you, black old skin you normally don't get off will roll-off, and you will feel kind of embarrassed :) It is quite the experience, I remember my first Turkish bath visit very well.

Turkish bath started during the times that running water was often not in houses and heating water was a very large task so the entire family would instead go to the Hamam once a week or so.
These days it is more a tourist attraction but some people do enjoy it from time to time, it is like a spa, just less fancy and more practical.

Everyone has his/her own sink which you fill with water. You then have a bowl to pour the water over yourself. The Turkish towels (peshtemals) were originally made for these places and are traditionally red and white, nowadays you see them online a lot and often made in more trendy colors and patterns.

The shoes for Hamams are also unique. Although this one above is very fancy, high, and elaborate they are still now made of wood and are high so that water can flow under them.

There is always handmade olive oil soap, marble sinks and gorgeous brass faucets.

We have a set of original old Hamam faucets in the shop :)
Photos that are not mine were taken from Pinterest.