Sunday 3 July 2022

Finished Projects

We had another sad vintage frame that I gave some new life and a new look.

I filled up the missing Gusso with lots of various flowers. After that many layers of paint and a mirror, and it is ready to use.

No before photo of this one, it was just a sad wobbly little piece without a top. After sanding, painting and varnishing, I upholstered it with a vintage embroidery with matching side fabric and fun striped piping.

The embroidery was done on velvet, making it all soft. I love its vibrant colors.

I also completely restored this old cabinet, which used to be used to store food in.

,I replaced the rusty wires with new chicken wire, sanded the shelves that gotten dark from many years of use and dirt and also removed an ugly white paint that was done on top of its original green paint.
So happy to see it in its original glory so it can be used again for many years.

And another cute little ottoman, everything used for this one is vintage. The tapestry on top, the kilim on the side, the pouf's skeleton, the pompon trim and the lining fabric, all vintage.

With some love, eco friendly upcycling can be pretty gorgeous if you ask me :)

All pieces are available at StarHomeStudio.