Thursday, 18 July 2019

Reclaimed Trashure

In Turkey having guests is a part of daily life. Very often still, women stay at home and these women often visit each other. Or families visit each other. No call or appointments, I know of families that have every evening a bunch of people over.
Before we had dogs we also got visitors, mostly neighbors, we hated it, lol :) As introverts, guests are exhausting and if those guests are people you have nothing in common with it is just a waste of time. Luckily the guests got less when our dogs became more, these days we get none, which is kind of perfect as we work from home so we really need the quiet and peace to be able to produce.

Why am I telling all this? Well with the number of guests typical Turkish families get, it is a standard thing to have nesting tables in your home. The more guests the more tables you need to put coffee, tea, fruit and such on it to be a good host. The table above was part of such a set, that is why the front is open so the other tables can fit in it. I found it on the curb with a tabletop all swollen by water, but the feet were pretty and solid so it came home. I have found such abanded pieces of such sets before, that is why I wanted to explain a little further, they are very common in Turkey. A good host has at least 4 such tables so when needed she can bring tea and coffee for 20 people at once. (I'm not exaggerating!!).

This sad piece got a makeover. First, the old tabletop and paintwork got removed.
I then cut driftwood and boat wood to create the top.

The wood got staple gunned to the table.

I painted the table itself rustically to match the top.

I added a driftwood branch (cut to size) to fill up the front gap.
And all wood I varnished to smoothen it a little and to protect the paint.

I love how it turned out!

  • Saved table from ending up at landfill - check
  • Cleaned up beach and reused those pieces - check
  • Got a cool table in the progress - check

Yes, I'm very satisfied, I love reusing things and turning them in something functional and beautiful.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Newly Listed: Green Sterling silver Sea urchin Earrings

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Friday, 12 July 2019

Get the Look Vol.16

Love these different lanterns grouped together. Ours are adorable vintage brass ones with etched glass, 2 already makes a good start for a collection.

Splashes of red in a home sure gives some extra oomph, especially with a mid-century style. Our vintage architect lamp is super handy as it stays in any position you want, perfect for drawing and such.

I love the idea of a grouping of round art on the wall.

This marbled piece would be great and could be combined with pretty plates and round mirrors.

And embroidered hoop art would be great as well, we have a few in the shop.

I love odd glass pieces, these above are of a Pharmacy Museum. Below are two odd glass pieces too, but these are not from a lab but are actually vintage breast pumps :)

Monday, 8 July 2019

Cinderella Transformation

We purchased these 1950's chairs a while back. I found them so ugly that I resisted especially as we already have a whole bunch of chairs that are awaiting my tender loving care. But mum loved their potential so they came home with us.

The yucky brown paint and horrible fabric to match were I guess once upon a time 'fashionable'.

After peeling off old the fabric and the filling, and then stripping off the paint (with help of a non-toxic paint remover) they already looked a million times better.

They also had crooked front legs which I had to remove and reattach to straighten them, plus the entire skeleton needed some serious glue and nail reenforcements.

After that, they waited in a pile for a few months...

Until we finally decided what to do with them and I had finished a few older projects.

I painted the details which brought out the beautiful woodwork. Unlike pieces from the 70's-80's these are actually hand carved! How silly to cover up so much work with that ugly dark brown stuff.

I kept the old webbing but also added new webbing.

It got fresh new foam instead of dusty batting.

And then I cut this amazing handwoven damask linen with hand embroidery. I had painted the flowers according to this embroidery.

Oh my gosh, what a difference. Of all the transformations we've done this one seems to be the most extreme, from extremely ugly to extremely gorgeous, like the famous Cinderella scene, from a dirty girl to a shiny princess.

After painting the details I varnished the entire piece.

It seems that the chairs were not done by the same person, lots of small details are a bit different, which I love.

Besides the woodwork the embroidery is also not the same, making them matching but each also unique.

We are totally in love with them.

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Friday, 5 July 2019

First Dive of the Season

I finally went diving this past week. People who come on vacation in our town go much more to sea than us who live right next to it, I guess you get spoiled or the fact that it is just there makes it less important to go.

Weather was around 40 degrees Celsius and the water 24 so perfect, although deeper it does of course get colder.

There are some shipwrecks, sunken purely for divers, although it does give a nice grip for critters and fauna.

Fish like to seek shelter under it.

This was also once part of a ship, now it is flourishing.

And Squid eggs, dancing with the waves, they were pretty deep, hence the quality of the photo. The sea is beautiful from each and every angle :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Newly Listed: Knitted Felted Wool Bag

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Friday, 28 June 2019

An Upcycled Chair

This very old and very sad chair was in no condition to sit on.

Lots of pieces were missing but also some parts were rotten away. So as a chair it was trash, but I loved the backrest which was also in the best condition.

I sawed off everything of the chair that I did not need.

And added this wooden piece, to make it a towel rack.

I painted it dark green first.
And the next day with daylight a layer of teal and with some help of stencils and a rust-colored paint I gave it some rustic adornments.

The piece got varnished and turned out beautiful.

You can hang towels in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Or you can use it in your bedroom for shawls, scarves, ties, belts or necklaces.

Another mission of saving something from ending up in the landfill accomplished feels good :)

It is available at StarHomeStudio among many other home decor pieces.