Tuesday 10 December 2019

Vacation Mode On

We are on vacation! While financially the wrong time due to the house moving and all, the perfect time physically as we are exhausted of all the moving :) We had planned this trip before buying the house, or we wouldn't have gone now but we are thoroughly enjoying the break and are vacationing on a tight budget, will blog about that on our return.

Just like last year, we flew into Miami. But this year our flight was at 6am (on Friday) so at the end of the trip we had skipped two nights of sleep and we are only now starting to get over our horrible jetlag. The day after our arrival, Saturday, we planned to go to the Key's right away but not before visiting some thrift shops as we have been missing those the entire year :)

On our way out of the Motel we noticed a cute Church, I honestly felt too tired and hungry to look but Mum insisted. Turned out a fascinating place. Our Lady of Sorrows is a Catholic church, established only 30 years ago by a priest who used to work for Panair so he traveled a lot and bought statues at all his travels.

The church felt like a museum, but mass was about to start so we only took a few photos and left.

 My photos aren't doing the place justice, it was a special place.

So after quite some thrift shops and hours of driving we arrived at Marathon which is in the middle of the Keys, Key Largo is the first and Key West is the last Key.

Although we stayed here on our last trip too we only had two nights then and we hadn't gone to Sombrero beach which turned out to be very close to where we are staying.

We found some beach treasures, and relaxed, it really does feel like a vacation even while our sleep rhythm is still horrible.

About the only selfie I'll take this vacation :)

Lots of Iguanas at the Motel's property. Although they look like dragons they run away when you try to approach.

I find them intriguing and beautiful.

Beside interesting creatures, you can also come across interesting people, like this lady who clearly loves this season.

We drove to Keywest and visited different places than last time.

The beaches are still our favorite place to visit.

And after the super Christmas Bicycle we also saw this artwork of a car.

It had real shells, all kind of plastic figurines, I think it was a Honda once upon a time :)

We've already been here 3 days, time flies when you are having a good time! I'll blog again soon with different places as we are leaving the Keys tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad you are having a good time! The place you are vacationing at looks so inviting :)

  2. I so wish I were there too :'( Enjoy your holiday!!!!

  3. Pretty place and beautiful photos ♥ Enjoy!

  4. Wow what a chance! Amazing images, I love all of them literally.. And the ex Honda plastic figurine car I saw one that look like that back in Arizona, is that kind of trend once upon a time? 🤣

  5. I wish you a good rest and have fun

  6. haha that car and bike! :D
    love the pictures of the iguanas most :)