Thursday, 14 December 2017

Get The Look Vol. 9

I love these beautiful old carpet beaters, there are many types of knots and they just look pretty hanging on a wall. The one in our shop is from the 1930's and handmade in Spain, not good to beat carpets anymore but pretty enough to hang on the wall.

I love windmills, even little ones to decorate your home. While these from wayfair are mass produced I do find them charming.
If you prefer one of a kind handmade though, you will like our little windmill even better :)

While Macramé used to be only associated with the 1970's they are all the vibe again in these modern days. You won't catch me doing any big pieces but sometimes I like to do a little Macramé project on the side, like this basket with vintage handmade glass evil eye beads for some extra luck.

We have been selling beautiful bunches of driftwood for a while now and you can paint them if you find them plain, but now you can also get them painted as I did a fun project in between painting chairs (which will be finished soon, I hope) :)

Monday, 11 December 2017

Newly Listed: Druzy Pyrite Ring

Druzy Pyrite Ring, Fool's Gold Ring, Hand formed Bronze Pyrite Statement jewelry US size 6 by StaroftheEast
Egypt Giza Pyramid Camel Wall Art - Wall Decor, Wall Accent by MemoriesmakerDesigns
California Beach, Sunset Photo, San Clemente Pier, Orange County Beach, Golden Sunshine by LookinforLight
Wheat photograph, gold home decor, rustic decor, nature photography, farm house, decor wall art by oohprettyshiny

Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Ugly Side

After many rainy days (not complaining!) we had some sunny weather and we went to the beach for some much needed fresh air and treasure hunt.

The beaches are now all quiet, especially when you go midweek, and after stormy weather you can find some cool stuff.

This beach here is especially great for driftwood.

The road however is very tricky, if you're not careful you can get stuck in the mud, our shoes got super heavy too.

Except for some happy lucky goats the beach was all ours.

 Weather was perfect, more like September than December.

Now all these pictures are amazing and we feel blessed to live close to these surroundings. But this time I also wanted to show you the ugly side of these beaches, or better said the things we humans do to these places...

As soon as you look down you start to see trash, at first bottle caps, rope and fishing net, but also plastic bottles, bags, shoes, and all kind of trash.

Most of this came from the sea but some was left by beach goers and just left all there trash behind. Either way it ended up on the beach and can end up back in the sea where it harms the living creatures in it. Animals get strangled by plastic or their stomachs get filled by plastic and they die of hunger.

I always collect several bags of trash with each of our visits, I never took pictures but when I shared this video on Facebook I got a comment from the original poster to join the #binbagchallenge, so that's why I documented it this time, for others to join too!
This can be at the beach but also mountains, road sides etc. Remember with the wind a lot of this trash ends up in the sea.

Collected a pile as large as myself.

We did collect some pretty driftwood branches too.

We filled the car full with trash and dropped it in a trash bin. Of course this is not the end of the trash it doesn't disappear but at least it won't be ending up in the sea now. I highly recommend you to watch this video! And I hope you join the #binbagchallenge!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Newly Listed: Woodland Owl Bag

Woodland Owl Bag - Vintage Embroidery, Sunny Orange Colors, Patchwork and Leather Bag by StarBags
Nature Photography, Autumn Home, Rustic Fall, Woodland, Tree Photo, Leaves by Kristybee
Woodland Photography, Fall Foliage, New England, Earthy, Rustic by cloven
Landscape Photography, Autumn, Church Steeple, Rustic, Woodland, New England by cloven

Monday, 27 November 2017

The Juanita's

A little inside peek of our crazy household :)
These 3 are our smallest dogs, Olivia is just 4 kilograms (8.8 lbs) Lulu is 5.5 kg (12 lbs) and Truusje although not much bigger is 7 kg (15.5 lbs). They are not much bigger than cats, in facts you have cats bigger than them, but they are the bosses of the pack. Each is bossier than the other, and we call them The Juanita's. Becoming a Juanita requires some character trades and a bit of a body type too.

A Juanita is of course always a girl, she is stubborn, bossy, requires lots of attention and basically has the ability to terrorize a dog 5 times her size without much effort. They are small and dark haired and normally are not much for sharing so when all 3 Juanita's of the house were in one basket I took pictures right away as it never happened before. They are like a coven of witches or members of a gang :)

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even when things go wrong, there are always things to be thankful for, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Get The Look Vol.8

With less than 40 days left to Christmas I think it is alright to show some Christmas items here! I love wreaths, but I like them when they are made with things that won't die. Our pretty wreath was handmade in 1875! And still pretty!

I love love love Christmas trees, but do not like the idea of killing one for a few weeks pleasure so always look for alternatives instead. The one above is perfect for those with little space, made out of branches, totally adorable!
Ours is made with driftwood and is a great size for a smaller home.

Love the old times look of this kitchen, hanging copper pans and stuff gives such a festive vibe in the kitchen. Below you can find some stuff to start your hanging stuff collection :)

I have a soft spot for pretty organized workspaces, maybe because ours never stays organized for very long. This one also has a cool sewing chest, we have one even cooler available, a very pretty mid-century organizer chest with 6 cubbies.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Goodbye Leo

This week we had to let go of Leo, son of Daisy and brother of Ufo, whom both passed away a few years ago. Leo's health was getting worse, he was practically blind and completely deaf but worse was he had hardly any strength in his legs, which was both awful for him to feel and us to see. Leo was born in our house as we had found his mother (unknowingly) pregnant. He was never a happy doggy, somehow even though he never had it tough and his name was Leo and his color sunny he never saw things on the bright side. But he we still loved him and he will be missed...

Friday, 10 November 2017

Newly Listed: Knitted Gray with Purple Bag

Knitted Gray with Purple Bag, Hand Knitted Bohemian Purse, Flowers, Leaves and Beads, Little Bag, Chain Strap, Kiss-lock by StarBags
Fuchsia pink flower photograph french decor france photograph flower print architecture photograph rosa canina photograph by oohprettyshiny
Azalea Print, Pink Azalea Art, Pink Azalea Canvas Wrap, Bright Pink Azalea, Edisto Island, South Carolina by SheenWatkinsStudio
Rustic Colorful Flower Photo, Old Vintage wall, Pink and Red Country Art, Old Stone Wall and flowers, Fine Art, Large Wall Art, Fuchsia by SGPFineArt

Monday, 6 November 2017

Zero Waste, Lots of Pretty

We finally finished these cushions we have planned and been making for a while.
Just like this bag and this ottoman these are made with upcycled fabric strips, knitted into fabric.

They get a pretty texture and blending of color like some kind of abstract painting.

The backside is made with patchworked fabric, pieces of fabrics taken from catalogs, the buttons are made of the same fabric. Making these cushions completely zero waste and very eco friendly, not to mention very pretty :)

We keep knitting these fabrics to re use them and to shrink our stash of rags, but it doesn't seem to get less at all :)

We can make them in other colors or different sizes.

Available at StarHomeStudio.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

From Nay to Yay

These super fun retro chairs had a lot of potential but were extremely sad looking and were in desperate need of TLC. I thought that they would take 2-3 days but they took much longer than anticipated.

The original upholstery had zippers to close around the difficult shape of the chair, I understand that it is quicker but it is really ugly.
The reason that the transformation took longer started with the screws, they wouldn't budge, they were not going to turn so had to be cut off and soldered new ones in its place (which I couldn't do myself).

Than getting off the partially peeled yucky brown paint off turned also to be much more work than anticipated, each chair took me 1 day to get paint free with help of a heat machine to soften the paint before brushing it off with a metal brush.

Once clean of paint I applied two layers of anti rust paint, sanded it and then added two layers of black mat paint. The feet also got new caps as the old ones were pretty worn down.

While the paint was drying we found the perfect embroidery among our stash. We initially thought of patchworking various embroideries but this large piece was a better choice at the end.

After sewing the pieces together by machine I dressed the chairs, already looking fabulous!

But now came the part that I had to sew by hand (instead of the zippers), and while doing that the fabric needed to be pulled tightly so that it would all fit like a glove and not a potato sack :) But I managed eventually.

So happy with the result! The chairs are retro but also boho and feminine, colorful and cheerful!
So much more fun and unique than the original red fake leather.

It is a limited edition of two, can be bought separately but I do hope that they'll stay together as they look so fabulous as a set :)

They are available among many more one of a kind furniture pieces at StarHomeStudio.