Wednesday 30 July 2014

Our Creative Space...

It has been a while since I shared a creative space, not that we haven't been creative but more as we just often forget to take pictures of progress. This time I did remember to take pictures, especially as it was a new experiment. A while back we purchased the Soldering Tin Tutorial by PipnMolly and although I studied it almost right away I only now have been able to actually try it out.

We purchased some vintage tin plates to give it a go, these are pretty thin so I could cut them with our tin scissors.

After that I gently hammered one of them to make it domed without scratching the drawings on the tin, the tutorial explains how to do it best.

After that I sanded the sides and soldered it to an adjustable ring, I had domed the tin to measure exactly the top of the ring.

It turned out adorable if you ask me :) And I have just listed it in the shop. I'm planning to make necklaces with the birds combined with berries and branches, we'll see how that goes.

This gorgeous plate turned out to be more of a challenge, it is pretty thick and to not loose anything of the pretty tin it needs to be sawed, the more I will saw it will become easier but for now it is a struggle.

With the outside piece I'm making a cuff which will close with chain on the back. I've soldered some leaves to it for some 'sprouting' effect.

While taking pictures this bee was busily buzzing nearby.

I had a lot of fun with this method of working so am sure that more tin pieces will appear in our shop :)

Tuesday 29 July 2014

The journey continues...

After last week's car troubles our exploring adventure was interrupted so we continued this week with our journey, after fixing the car of course :)

Almost straight away I saw this little guy in the middle of the road, so small that it seemed a rock at first sight.

He was very brave for such a young little fella, and I didn't neglect to take a selfie with my new buddy :)

A little further away we saw two wild mules, they were very shy and ran away with each noise we made but I could take a few pictures by zooming in.

Gorgeous creatures with huge high ears with a funny hair do between them.

We continued our journey, rocky road between green trees on green hills.

And the sea, we were not the only ones enjoying it, from many cities of Turkey people come here to the beautiful beaches to have a break. We usually can not go away with all the dogs who need to be taken care of so these short breaks are much appreciated and needed by us :)

The sun peeking through the trees, the sound of the sea and a gentle breeze, Heaven on Earth.

Of course we never can resist a bit of work so walked quite a bit on rocky shores to find treasures.

I love how there are so many pretty looking wild flowers even in the middle of these hot summer months, why ca't these appear in our garden?

When the roads are not rocky you still have to drive with care or you'll fly into the sea, but the views while driving are amazing, making us stop every so often to take a picture.

I hope you enjoyed the trip with us :)

Saturday 26 July 2014

Newly Listed: Woodland Owl Bag - Vintage Embroidery

Woodland Owl Bag - Vintage Embroidery, Linen, Kiss-lock by StarBags
Nature Owl Photography, wildlife photography Northern Saw-whet Owl by SDNaturePhotography
Earthy, Green gray seeds leaves Photography Spring nature rustic woodland by dorataya
Geranium Leaf Photo, Green Leaves, Fine Art Photography, Cottage by LostInTheValleyPhoto

Friday 25 July 2014

Epic underwater photoshoot

The first time I saw these amazing pictures by Benjamin Von Wong it totally blew my mind. But the fact that it was not photoshopped but actually really taken in the sea, instead of a swimming pool and major photoshop afterwards like these kind of shoots are usually done, made it even more special to me. I am a diver myself and my love for the sea is of course pretty obvious if you know our work :)

I added the videos about this shoot below, the enthusiasm of the team is wonderful and the way they did it is amazing. The models are both free divers too, a normal model would not be able to hold her breath so long and wouldn't be at ease enough to take descent pictures.

Touching the coral reefs is forbidden to protect the natural environment so the pictures needed to be taken with the illusion that the models were touching the place without touching and often were bound by their feet to avoid that they drift away while shooting, you will see all these details in the videos.

The pictures are really surreal and amazing, you'll love the photographer too he is so passionate about his job that you will get itchy to do something amazing too. I also loved the fact that he did this shoot 1 day after he got is diving licence so he is not an experienced diver at all.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Newly Listed: Geometric Organic Leaf Necklace Art Deco

Geometric Organic Leaf Necklace Art Deco style - mother of pearl, metal, solder by StaroftheEast
yellow photograph, architecture photography, window, rustic, wood, geometric by oohprettyshiny
Nature Flower Photography - floral yellow water drop romantic chrysanthemum AmeliaKayPhotography
Bird Photography Small Yellow Bird Tree Branch Sky Home Decor Sweet Song by LawsonImages

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Newly Listed: Burgundy Beach Pottery Ring Sea Tumbled

Burgundy Beach Pottery Ring Sea Tumbled Pottery Leaves and Flowers by StaroftheEast
Coastal Decor Sea Coral Branched Finger Coral Giclee Art Print sunset red by vintagebytheshore
Crab red Sea Life Nautical Print Art Illustration Wall D├ęcor Wall Hanging by SeaNautical
Pressed seaweed Art, Original seaweed pressing, red algae, Botanical art, beach cottage by AlgaNet

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Adventurous Sunday

On Sunday we decided to make it a 'real' Sunday and go out and about and enjoying the sun and the sea starting with a lovely brunch.

Wriggly earth roads where you can not go faster than 30 km/h brought us to some amazing views and places.

Little islands...

Beautiful bays and lots of greens and blues.

And some more islands. Eventually after not coming across a single soul we ended up in a little restaurant, they never have customers from land, only from boats that sail by and like to have some solid ground and food before continuing their journey. We drank a coffee there and asked for instructions to find a bay we were looking for and continued our journey.

The road however is less fun and very tiring but it was worth it until...


No biggie, we have a spare tire, ah and it is in good condition pfewww, and then another crap when we discovered that our jack was awol and so was the tool that screws loose the screws that holds the tires, oh boy...
So we walked back to the little restaurant for help, luckily they had everything needed and helped us tremendously so we were very lucky because beside them their were only chicken in the neighborhood.

Oh and a donkey but he didn't know anything about changing tires.

Not wanting to take any risks we didn't continue the road we planned to avoid another flat tire, and got back the way we came. But as we had been mostly in the car all day I wanted to go to the beach to have a refreshing swim. There were a few people, one chasing the wind, flying on the waves.

After a refreshing swim it started to get dark, but the reason was a cloud covering the sun, we hadn't seen any clouds for a while, and this one made some pretty pictures.

Aaaahhh a peak to heaven *sigh*
All relaxed we got in to our car and just 500 meters away I had the terrible feeling that we had a flat tire again.

And I was right, for crying out loud. Now without a spare tire, no jack or tools we were totally helpless in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday.

We called friends who found a tire repairman and we were home eventually at 9 pm totally exhausted.

I now have two new tires, a jack and everything else needed, apparently there was also something else wrong with the car, which actually was the reason of this double trouble, so we were in luck as on a highway this could have ended very badly. So we count our blessings but I do not know when we will dare to have another 'vacation' again :)