Sunday 13 July 2014

Doggies update

Last week we were again in Aydin, at the Veterinary Faculty with our two girls, Lily and Daisy.
Again there were dromedaries there to be treated. They had artfully hand knotted muzzles on.

These two were not as lucky as the one we saw before. That one was well loved and used just to tour tourists around.
These two were fighting dromedaries. Dromedaries fights and cock fights are popular here. You can see pictures here.

It is not pretty, but it is of course nothing compared to the Spanish bull fights, which is in my opinion the worse, most sadistic and barbarian form of animal abuse there is.

Our girls had both an operation to remove mammary tumors a month ago. The pathology results of both of them are bad, both girls have cancer and we are pretty devastated.

Lily here was limping last week and has something under her arm that may be a metastasis or an aftermath of last months operation, after a 5 day antibiotic treatment she is doing much better but only time will tell if she'll be alright for the long run.
Daisy had a second operation to remove all tits and lymph's at the right side, last month  those at the left side were removed.
The vet wants them on chemotherapy, but this we refused. We have ordered some herbal medicine from the USA that is supposed to boost the immune system by dogs with cancer, and for the rest, we will pamper them with lots of love and yummy treats and keep them comfortable, but we don't want them to go through the rigors of chemo.

Poor Daisy is being a trooper, wearing the collar for weeks now.
We have made her very nifty onesies to keep her wound from contact with the floor. In this heat we have to do everything to avoid infection.


  1. So sorry to hear about your doggies. I hope they will get better soon. Hugsxxx

  2. very cute dogs :) I hope they will be fine soon :)

  3. I have never heard of dromedaries fights! So weird (to me anyway).

    I hope your dogs will be better soon :*