Saturday 19 July 2014

Enjoying the Sea

It is funny that although we go to the beach very often in any season to find treasures for our work. We actually hardly ever just enjoy the beach and sea, having a swim and relaxing a bit. The beach somehow turned in to work for us, as soon as we arrive start searching and once we have combed the beach we just leave, pretty ridiculous when you think of it!

The other day I actually really enjoyed the sea, for the first time this year I actually got myself wet in it :) I swam and relaxed and enjoyed myself, we should do this more often!

I took these with my camera mask, you never know what comes out of it when you get home which makes it fun and tricky to take some descent pictures, but these turned out pretty nice.

That's me, relaxing :)

And the sun through the sea, I really should do this more often I even enjoyed making this blog post about it :)


  1. It looks amazing Estella, I love the first photo! You are so lucky living there!!!!

  2. Oh yes, definitelly you should. And then post more pics for us who do not have sea anywhere near :) Enjoy summer.