Tuesday 28 May 2019

Newly Listed: Asymmetrical Pottery Earrings

Asymmetrical Pottery Earrings with Pearls Blue Beach Pottery Sea Tumbled Pottery by StaroftheEast
Botanical photography leaves woodland dark spring, Maidenhead fern by GinetteBrosseau
Abstract Water Photography, Deep Blue Sea Print, Home Decor, Ocean Art Print by Bright35
Jellyfishes, taken by me at the San Francisco Aquarium.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Lamp

Sea Urchin Lamp, Nautical Lighting, Table lamp, Sea Art Sculpture, Beach Cottage, Mermaid light by StarHomeStudio
Pelican Beach Art Print, Vintage Pink Orange Peach Tree Wall Art Home Decor Photograph by SevenElevenStudios
She made a wish in weeping rain by GordanaPhoto
Cannon beach print, Haystack rock print, Oregon photo, sunset print, Haystack canvas by AngieMcCullagh

Monday 20 May 2019

Goodbye Simon :(

Today we had to let go of our sweet, sweet Simon. The sweetest, friendliest dog we ever had. He was with us for more than 15 years, he came when he already was an adult, and it was instant love. He was always cheerful, sweet and gentle to both people and all the other doggies we have and had throughout the years. We will miss him terribly.

For the past 2 months he has been having seizures from time to time, but the past 2 days he had 5 and was clearly suffering. He had already been on Rimadyl for the past 15 months to manage arthritis. It pained both him and us to keep him around so we had to put him to sleep today to let him go peacefully, he now is resting between trees, flowers and butterflies in the mountain close to our home next to more fur babies we lost in the past. Even with the amount of dogs we have they all have their own place in our hearts, Simon's place is big and impossible to fill. Words can not describe how special he was and how much we love him, our home is not the same without him :(

Friday 17 May 2019

Newly Listed: Dragon Leather Bag

Dragon Leather Bag, Leather Scales Bag made with Vintage Findings, Scales Leather Bag by StarBags
Dragon Painting, Dragon Art, Fantasy Art, Fantasy Painting, Watercolor Painting, Art Print by TheColorfulCatStudio
Gray Day, fine art photograph, abstract, landscape, forest, modern art, wall art by GBebsPhotographs
Muted Minimalist Ocean Photography, Fine Art, Waves Landscape Photography Print Nautical by EyePoetryPhotography

Monday 13 May 2019

Vampires and Napkinholders

I caught a nasty flu/ throat infection at my dentist, so while being sick I decided to finally watch True Blood which I only had watched a few episodes a few years ago.
It has pretty gruesome scenes (vampires often do that) and sex scenes, so not everyone's cup of tea. The last thing you expect in such a series is a crochet napkin holder.

The exact same kind we have in our shop! It is from the 1970's and I guess they were selling the frames and people crochet them according to patterns as I found a few during a Google search but none are exactly the same.

But here it is, Sookie Stackhouse sitting at her kitchen table, which was her Grandmother's kitchen (the same place where she was brutally killed btw) with a crochet napkin holder. It gave me quite a laugh.

So if you would like to 'Get the Look' of the True Blood kitchen, you can find our napkin holder at StarHomeStudio :)))

Sunday 12 May 2019

A Love Letter to a Mum

Aziz Nesin, born Mehmet Nusret, (20 December 1915 – 6 July 1995) was a Turkish writer, humorist and the author of more than 100 books. Born in a time when Turks did not have official surnames, he had to adopt one after the Surname Law of 1934 was passed. He chose the surname "Nesin". In Turkish, Nesin? means, What are you?
After serving as a career officer for several years, he became the editor of a series of satirical periodicals with a socialist slant. He was jailed several times and placed under surveillance by the National Security Service for his political views.
Here below is a poem he wrote about his mother, which touched me deeply, below you'll find the translation, his mother lived mostly before the Turkish republic was established, during the Ottoman Empire. (source: wikipedia)

Happy Mother's day to all good mothers out there!


Bütün anneler annelerin en güzeli,
Sen, en güzellerin güzeli.
Onüçünde evlendin,
Onbeşinde beni doğurdun,
Yirmialtı yaşındaydın,
Yaşamadan öldün.
Sevgi taşan bu yüreği sana borçluyum.
Bir resmin bile yok bende,
Fotoğraf çektirmek günahtı.
Ne sinema seyrettin, ne tiyatro.
Elektrik, havagazı, su, soba
Ve karyola bile yoktu evinde.
Denize giremedin,
Okuma yazma bilmedin.
Güzel gözlerin,
Kara peçenin arkasından baktı dünyaya.
Yirmialtı yaşındayken
Yaşamadan öldün.
Anneler artık yaşamadan ölmeyecek,
Böyle gelmiş,
Ama böyle gitmeyecek.

1965, "Taşkent - Moskova Yolu. Uçakta" -
Aziz Nesin


Of all the mothers, you are the very best,
You, the prettiest of the pretty.

Married at thirteen,
Gave birth to me at fifteen,
You were twenty-six,
When died without living.

I owe you this loving heart.

I don't even have your photograph,
It was a sin, having photographs taken.
You saw movies nor theater.
You had at home no electricity, no water, gas or stove,
Not even a bed you had.

You didn't see the sea,
You could not read or write.
Your beautiful eyes,
Watched the world from behind the black veil.

Twenty-six years old,
You died without living.

Mothers will not die without living anymore,
It was like that,
But it won't be like that.

1965, Tashkent - Moscow flight.
Aziz Nesin

Thursday 9 May 2019

Get the Look Vol. 15

The more rustic patina and texture a pot has the more I love it. They both almost have a kind of moon texture. Above you can see how it looks in a home and the one below is available in our shop.

I love the vintage unicorns, not today's kind that often has rainbow popping out somewhere, but the old ones with white and gold like the print here above or the vintage box we have in our shop.

One of the most popular collections among small and big boys, ours is a Turkish promotional truck made out of tin.

I love educational posters, maps, biology charts etc, they bring so much character to a room and they are educational.
I love the one above as it is simple and I'm sure the kid will know the alphabet in no time :) The ones in our shop are a set of 6 with Spanish words.

I love bookshelves with art and trinkets staged in between. While the horse above made with a mold ours is a vintage handmade piece which makes it more rustic and charming.

Round mirrors are so much fun, shaving mirrors are extra cool as one side has a magnifying mirror. If you already have a collection or want to begin, ours is from 1960 from Spain and can both hang and stand.

You can find all these vintage finds in our StarHomeStudio shop among handmade decor and furniture pieces.

Monday 6 May 2019

Newly Listed: Knitted Wing Cowl

Knitted Wing Cowl, Feathers Cowl, Scarf Soft Peacock Iridescent Scales Wrap Cowl, Birds of a Feather by StarsWear
Large Blue Green Feather Print, Iridescent Bird Wall Art, Modern Office Decor, Nature Photography by EchidnaArtandCards
The Nicobar pigeon, the closest living relative to the Dodo bird by John Williams
Nicobar Pigeon by Vinayadass

Friday 3 May 2019

A Few Make overs

It is Spring, or here almost Summer, we don't really have Spring here. Which means all doggies are having a make over :) I've already done 8 of the 10 and Lulu is so funny, before and after, that I thought to show you :)

Lulu has naturally a mohawk, which I find hilarious. She is a sausage/ terrier mix and both sides you can see in the most fun way.

Her under hair is brown, so once trimmed she has a totally different color.

But where the mohawk was, is now black, creating a wide stripe. We find her adorable each way:)

The other make over are these tables.

They had a very tough varnish on them which took ages to remove and they were crooked and wonky.

After they were stabilized I painted them in white with turquoise.

To match marbled paper I had made during my course this Winter.

They are a set of nesting tables and I painted them to match in a fun way.

I love how they turned out, very beach cottage :) They are available at StarHomeStudio.

And in case you wondered what I did with the remaining of the spoon, I turned it into a very cool keychain.