Thursday, 21 July 2016

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Monday, 18 July 2016

The Best is Yet to Come

Most likely you are aware of the situation in Turkey. You also most likely are not 100% sure what it is that is going on but don't worry hardly anyone is sure, and it is a total and sad mess.
These past few days people from all of the world contacted us through various places to check up on us and we are thankful for that. We are fine around here, sad and unsure about the future but fine.
The government and the men on the top are playing some extremely dangerous games with the people as pawns and them watching safely from their ivory towers.
Hopefully brighter days are coming, but for now it seems we are going to a very dark place.

But I will now continue on a brighter side as there is so much bad things going on, not only here but practically all over the world,
Just before shit hit the fan, actually the day of the fake coup I went to pick up our brand new car, yaaay! I had to pick the papers and plates from Muğla.
It is the first time that we are owners of a not second hand one, it smells new and we are making its history, which is a nice feeling. As I picked it up right before the mess we haven't really enjoyed it yet but it is nice.

This lab that you are seeing is where my plates were made :) I had to pick them up myself as foreigners get different plates which doesn't go automatically like normal plates. The manner was pretty old school and cute so I took some pictures.

Then with the plates I went to another town, Denizli, a bus drive from Muğla of 2,5 hours. It was a bit tiring all by all but I had a good deal on this car so it was worth the extra journey.
Just the night before I went we made a brand new evil eye charm with hamsa's and lots of eyes for lots of protection. I put it on at the dealers before driving it for the first time :)

We still need to sell our old car but that will be fine. Hopefully with my next blog post there will be some more good news, especially about the way things are going around here politically would be nice if there would be a turn to a better direction.
Stay safe and in peace everyone.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Newly Listed: Bohemian Lace Top

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Time to Celebrate

Today is my Birthday, and I picked myself a pretty black and white virtual cake from WildOrchidBaking to match our new furniture piece :)
The last finishing touches were done yesterday evening, even though it is a small piece it took many many days, but the results make me giggle.

But I am jumping to the results, lets start at the beginning...

It all started with these two abandoned ugly ducks. Clearly water damaged, and in general sad state.
Also the structure was wonky. We decided to make of the pretty front feet an ottoman, the back feet have no carvings. So two chairs would become one ottoman.

Pulling them apart turned out to be a challenge. The stuff that came out of the chairs was pretty disgusting, fabric pieces, straw, cotton etc and all in a far from fresh state.

We were left with this. The original idea was to make it square, by using two piece of the original wood connected together (a bit hard to explain). But then we would cut a bit of the carved wood, the parts that are sticking above would be all sawed off. Eventually we thought to just keep the wood as it is, and making the seat rectangular and turning the weird sticking out pieces into arm rests.

I think you are now starting to see where we are going at, still butt-ugly but a cool shape, right :)?
We used the original corners to make it stable, this little chair has so much extra stuff for stability, you could dance on it.

The pieces of wood used for the arm rests are upcycled from an old shelf,

After the added webbing it is starting to look like something.

And after many hours of scraping and sanding the ugly dark varnish you can finally appreciate the carvings, which are much prettier and more dimensional than we first thought.

Then I painted it, which I had shown last week. The painting and varnishing took me a full 3 days.

The color choice of the paint work was because of this beautiful vintage embroidery. It is completely embroidered and has gorgeous colors and texture.

Doesn't make these colors you super cheerful?

For the additional unexpected finishing touch a black and white double piping, which is really frustrating to sew and staple but gives a beautiful finishing.

And here it is (she said proudly), it is fun, colorful, cheerful and 90% made of upcycled/ recycled/ vintage materials, yaaay!

Stripes, flowers, lots of colors what is not to love about this?

I think this would be great as a vanity chair in the bedroom, or in the hallway or in the living room. Could even be used as piano chair, but most of all this is a statement piece and should be seen :)

Can't wait to paint the ugliness out of another chair :)

The chair is available at StarHomeStudio among others one of a kind furniture pieces.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy (4th of) July!

Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate and for those who don't, happy July!
Half of 2016 has already passed, hopefully all of the bad news for the year is behind us (one can dream, right?). The world is a madhouse lately, trying to look on the bright side is essential for (mental) survival, in my opinion.

All we can do is be peaceful, be kind, be calm and carry on.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Work in Progress

With all the sad and dark things going on in the world, it is nice to escape to a peaceful and colorful place by creating. I am painting a sweet little piece of furniture which is basically made from scrap but I will show that in another blog post once the piece is entirely ready as the transformation is quite something and I want to show it completely.

Hoping that July will bring happy news around the world, I think we can all use it these days!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Newly Listed: Sputnik Sea Urchin Necklace

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

A little in between trip

The other day we went to the city Muğla (pronounced as Muhlla). We ourselves live in Marmaris which is in the province of Muğla, the city however is a bit over a 1 hour drive as it is entirely through the mountains.

Even though it is so close we hardly ever go here, when we go somewhere we usually go to the beach on Sundays or once in a while to Izmir or Istanbul for supplies shopping. We went now as we are in the middle of changing cars. Better said for the past 7 months we are trying to decide on which car we should spent our hard earned pennies on, and the ones we mostly like are out of budget lol :)

We were again unsuccessful with the car buying (we still need to sell our old one too), but it was a nice trip and we had some other stuff to do as well.

Muğla is mostly active due to its university which causes for thousands of students to come here. The city itself still has a lot of parts where you can clearly see its naive village beginning and roots which is lovely.

This was funny, 3 guys were around this goat and farmer statue and we discovered that the statue was new and that they were holding it for the concrete to dry :)

The typical Muğla houses are with lots of wooden details, including the inside ceilings.

This shop was unfortunately closed in the afternoon but I managed to take a picture. It is a cologne shop but a very old fashioned ones and it looks like a vintage lab :)

A shabby music store, it looks like the shop owner either just cleaned the floors and did not want people to mud the floors, or he was gone somewhere and the mop was a way of showing that he was coming back soon (most likely the second scenario).

It was extremely hot, as it has been the past few weeks, and we did not walk around much as our brains were boiling. The shady parks all over towns were much appreciated especially with this weather.

Hopefully soon the comparing of car models will be over, I never thought that buying a car would be so tiring :)

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Garden Projects

Just before things got a mess and hectic we had some garden projects done. This is between the house and the wall between our neighbors, and it is also our front door which you can not see but it is there.

We pass this part of the garden very often but because of the doggies we never were able to plant anything as they love digging at particular this part of the garden. There were always holes, we put pots on the earth but they just dug around them.

We finally bought some low fences and planted hydrangeas. It is the perfect spot for them as hardly any sun comes in this part of the garden which is very rare around here as we have such long, hot and sunny Summers.

Shortly after planting them we had to go to Spain, I was afraid that they would not survive it but luckily this year Summer arrived a little late and mildly and they survived the week without water, yaaay!

We always wanted to have hydrangeas there but they are pretty expensive in our floral shop. But then I scored them for less than 1/4 of the price at a farmer's market so I could buy 8 of them for less than I would have paid for 2 in our town, and they are actually better too so I was thrilled :)

Remember the path that we made during the Winter? It really made things easier. No more muddy feet while going to the shed which is our laundry room, and also no more water goes to waste as it all goes to the plants now. However the left side of the path was too narrow to mow and I thought it would be fun to have some plants there. With again the help of the low fences to prevent the doggies from digging, they love digging up freshly planted plants, a cute corner emerged. Once things are full grown it will look better but still I am happy with the results :)

With a tall pot and a plate on top we also made a bird bath/ drinking place which is a success as we have birds visiting us throughout the day to have a drink which is lovely to watch.

My succulent collection has also grown lately, mostly by propagating the existing ones. I love this corner :)

Usually most people think that planting and gardening is for Spring but you can actually continue throughout the Summer till early Fall with most plants as long as you water them enough they will be fine. Do you love working with dirt and plants?