Thursday, 11 February 2016

Hogwarts Library - Book Review and other Magic

As a big Harry Potter fan I treated myself for Christmas with the Hogwarts Library book set, which contains three books:
Fantastic Beasts & where to find them
Quidditch through the ages
The Tales of Beedle the Bard

All 3 books are mentioned in the Harry Potter books which makes it extra fun, however these books are not Harry Potter related but more extra details of the Magical world for us Muggles to enjoy :)

The books have some fun details, to my surprise I enjoyed Quidditch through the ages most, it explained in so much lovely details how Quidditch started and evolved.
I bought the set on Amazon, and highly recommend it, also a lot of the profits go to charity of these books. P.s. did you know that J.K. Rowling is the first Billionaire who lost that title because of the huge amount she donates to Charity? Something more to admire her beside her amazing penmanship!

During Christmas we sold out our lovely Feather Wingardium Leviosa inspired bookmarks, but they are back in stock and even more fun now.

Now you can choose the color of the house you belong in, if you are not sure if you are a Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff, you can do this quiz to see in which house you fit in best :) (I came out as a Ravenclaw).

While magic is still in the air we made this magical dragon necklace, we bought two of these dragons in Spain a while back and they have been waiting to be made ever since. While I was reading Fantastic Beasts & where to find them I remembered them again and now finally it turned in a magical necklace, I think Daenerys Targaryen would approve too :)

It is a limited edition of 2 and available in our StaroftheEast shop.

Monday, 8 February 2016

A Beautiful Day

Simon is completely recovered from his surgery, yesterday I took his stitches out, I prefer doing it myself instead of putting him through the stress of a vet visit. As he was alright we could finally leave the house and enjoy the sunny weather.

We took a different road again, The mountain roads are like a labyrinth, or a kind of maze around here, there are so many and all take you to different places, seashores, beaches, forests, mountains and villages.

After a ride in the wooded mountains we arrived at a little bay where the water was so clear that you could see what was going on in the sea.

Diamonds of the sea...

We than had a wonderful walk in the forest, even the air you breathe is delicious in such places.

Around the trunks of the trees ivy's were growing slowly upwards.

We then drove a little further in to a different road and came to a magical place.

Even the shore was different than usual. It was very calm and mysterious.

Right there was a little house, what a view to wake up to.

When we approached the house we discovered that it was abandoned.

With nature slowly taking over the house. Coincidentally we came across the real estate agent who had just recently sold the property so I guess it won't be pretty like this for much longer.

The real estate agent was actually the only person we came across, we had the entire place for ourselves.

There was another abandoned house close by, this one reminded me of the little houses of a fairy tale.

With hopes to come across something magical I looked inside but unfortunately there was only rubbish.

We had a beautiful day, I hope you enjoyed it with us :)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Eco Friendly Wedding; Decorations and Locations

Continuing to find eco friendly solutions for weddings I thought about the amount of decorations required for a wedding. Thousands and thousands of dollars are often spent on decoration. Mostly flowers again which are as explained in my previous eco friendly wedding post horrible for the environment. So you spent all that money and leave a big carbon footprint for something that will be thrown away a few hours later. I am not saying that you have to marry in a plain boring place, however you can solve the whole decorating solution by choosing a location that is pretty without any help. The picture above was of a wedding from one of our customers who had her wedding on a beach, you can see in this post how they hardly had to decorate the place and they did not use any flowers, even the bouquets were not real flowers.

This forest wedding is magical! Only some lights and they were ready to go. We have so many magical places in the world no need to decorate :) I love this location I think it is much more memorable for the guests too as it is unique and special, it is in a camp with loads of outdoors activities.

And of course garden weddings. This can be a hired place but also your own yard or of a relative or friend. The trees in the picture above are much prettier than any men-made decoration if you ask me, without any additional cost or environmental damage.

Other locations I came across which are unique and do not require much decorations are: Library weddings, Farm weddings and Park weddings. To make it even greener it is best to choose a location which is closest to most of your guests so that not much travel is required.

Another picture of the beautiful beach wedding of our customer, for which we made a hairpiece, brooch, boutonnieres, earrings, bridesmaids jewelry and flower girl jewelry.

Would you choose any of these locations? Or do you know any other than these that would not require flowers and other waste to make it pretty? I'd love to hear them :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Newly Listed: Sea Treasure Keychains

Sea Treasures Keychains - Driftwood, Hagstone, Glass, Nautical Keyrings both by StarHomeStudio
Sea bird photography, ACEO, wall art, beach, sand, sea, vintage, gull, flight, sky by JimnEmPhotos
Ocean Photography, Beach Photo, beach decor, water, rocks, landscape photography by EdgingtonFineArt
Jellyfish Art Print, Teal Navy Blue Beach House Home Decor Ocean Art Photograph by SevenElevenStudios

Monday, 1 February 2016

February Projects

This year did not start well for us, actually 2015 ended bad with Lucky passing away, and then 2016 started with Bibi passing away. Needless to say that we have been very sad. With Christmas rush over we also did not have the sales to keep our minds occupied, which did not do our moods well.
With all this we have not been very motivated in general which causes for a circle as not being motivated is pretty depressing too.

Then last week we discovered a lump on Simon, pretty big and pretty scary as it must have grown fast, we wash our dogs regularly so I notice such things pretty quickly.
He had a biopsy on Tuesday and was diagnosed with cancer. A not very aggressive skin cancer, but no cancer is friendly. We had him operated on Friday and a total of 4 lumps were removed. The survival rate is pretty high of this type, so we hope that Simon will stick around for a while, we are not ready to loose yet another family member.

Here he is in the garden of the animal hospital waking up in the sun right after surgery.

With all this we have vet bills piling up, so we are having a sale in our Supply shop in hope to help a bit with the costs, use the code DOGGY20 during checkout and you will get a 20% discount. We have a flat rate shipping of 5$ for no matter how many items (except the fabrics due to weight).
Of course any sale in any of our shops is very much welcome StaroftheEast, StarDelights, StarBags, StarsWear and StarHomeStudio.

With all this going on I have not been able to finish my January projects. Only the piano stool got finished, the two chairs are still in the same condition and the walls still need to be painted. The fact with all this that I burned my right arm with boiling oil, and strained my left wrist while carrying Simon is not helping either.

Before my arms got injured I did manage to finish the weekender I showed 10 days ago. And I started and finished a little furniture piece in between.
After all this depressing talk, I want to finish with a positive thing, here is the furniture piece I made and am very happy about:

It started as a very sad and ugly nesting table (without the rest of the nest). There clearly used to be wood between the legs but those were gone.

It has a dark brown ugly color (no offense to those who like this) which I very much dislike.

And you could clearly see that it was suppose to be part of a set because of the grooves.

I started with sanding the wood and filling up the grooves with wood and wood paste.

I then varnished it with sanding sealer, sanded it again and then applied several layers of white acrylic paint to give a nice base.

I knew right away what I wanted to add to the legs, driftwood! I choose strong but natural wiggly looking pieces to make it clear that they are driftwood.

Coming together nicely, don't you think?

I then painted everything (except for the top) a sea green color.

And for the top I used a Vintage map of Istanbul. As the top was not entirely flat but had a rounded border, cutting the map turned out to be a challenge for me, but I eventually managed to make it straight, unlike the detail you see above.

After varnishing and sanding the top many times (I lost count), I am very happy with the result!

The entire table and the driftwood was varnished too to make it waterproof and wipe-able.

No sign of the once-upon-a-time-it-was-an-ugly-nesting-table.

The cute end table is available in our StarHomeStudio shop where you can see and read more details about the table.

As for February projects, well I will need to finish January's projects and I won't add anything else to that list as my arms need to heal first. I also hope that Simon will recover quickly the 'cone of shame' is driving him nuts and for us it is the 'cone of pain' as he keeps bumping in to us with it.
Please send us some positive vibes, we really need it!