Sunday 31 August 2014

Newly Listed: Statement Coral Ring

Statement Coral Ring - Sea Treasure Collection by StaroftheEast
Autumn photograph, flower wall art, botanical print, fine art by dullbluelight
Teepee in Fall, Fine Art Photo, Tribal, Native, Autumn, Rust by BrookeRyanPhoto
Nature Photography, Bare Branches, Orange Berries, Fine Art Photo by ellemoss

Saturday 30 August 2014

Newly Listed: Driftwood Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Driftwood Evil Eye Wall Hanging - Beach Home Decor by StarHomeStudio
Dock. The summer, photography, holidays and travel. in Sicily, fine art print by Icassettidibididi
Blue Jay The Art of Staying Aloft No 29 Cyanocitta cristata by SmallMysteries
Metallic Print - Abandoned by AveyChristiansen

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Newly Listed: Sputnik Sea Urchin Ring

Sputnik Sea Urchin Ring Statement Ring Rustic Ethnic Ring by StaroftheEast
Rustic Country Fence Photograph - brown, barbed wire, wood by FirstLightPhoto
Large Tree Painting Australian artwork Eucalyptus landscape by GerckenGallery
Mountain Photography, Scotland, Landscape Photograph, Adventure, Wall Art by AgaFarrell

Monday 25 August 2014

Our Creative Space...

These past few days I have been having lots of fun with painting beach pebbles. The past few years I haven't been able to paint paintings due to lack of time and space so these have been a great outlet for me.

I've finished this bird last night, inspired by the feather (which is included in the set). I also found three little egg shaped pebbles in our stash making the set complete, I will list it later today in the decor shop.

Up till now I've only used black and white and creating grey tones with those, I'll maybe later on start using colors too but somehow I like this color scheme for the moment as the pebbles are also in these colors.

Listed this set last night, I love seahorses, they are so pretty and fragile, and the fact that they are the only creatures where the men get pregnant makes my feminist side happy and extra fond of them :)

It gives me lots of pleasure to make these so be sure to check out the shop often as I'm sure more will appear soon :)

Sunday 24 August 2014

Newly Listed: Woodland Bird Bag

Woodland Bird Bag - Vintage Embroidery, Linen, Kiss-lock by StarBags
Bird No.9 by Geninne
Red Flora in Strokes of Blue- Watercolor Art Print by YaoChengDesign
Nature photography flowers POPPY Grain field wheat farm art print by MagicSky

Saturday 23 August 2014

Newly Listed: Dragon Turquoise Necklace

Dragon Turquoise Necklace Soldered Stone Turquoise stone by StaroftheEast
Dreamy Tree Photograph Whispers - Blue Maple Leaves Ethereal Fine Art Nature by galleryzooart
Summer Painting Sea Water Ocean Mermaid Fine Art Water Color Painting by ABitOfWhimsyArt
Seagull Photo - Fine Art Photography, birds flying, flock, beach decor, clouds by kimfearheiley

Friday 22 August 2014

Newly Listed: Beach Pebble Art

Beach Pebble Art Hand painted starfish, natural Zen stones by StarHomeStudio
Ocean Bird Nature Photography Off to Sea Seagull Flock Landscape Art Print by ndtphoto
Oregon Coast Ocean Photography Fine Art Rock Pacific Storm Landscape by WildWildernessPhotos
Pelican Shorebird, Coastal Photography, Bird Art, Teal Blue Ash Gray by LongForgotten

Thursday 21 August 2014

Newly Listed: Mermaid Coral Earrings

Mermaid Coral Earrings Sea Urchins, Pearls, Coral and Quartz by StaroftheEast
Nautical wall decor starfish photography coral art coastal beach photography print by TheGinghamOwl
Floral Fine Art nature Photograph, soft pink sea lillies, pale teal blue by JaneHeller
Oregon Coast Photograph, Heceta Head Lighthouse, Pacific Ocean Wall Art by MScottPhotography

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Newly Listed: Mushroom Coral Necklace

Mushroom Coral Necklace - Coral and Pearl Necklace Sea Treasure Collection by StaroftheEast
Shell Photography - Beach Photograph - Sea Urchin Photo - Beach Decor by BLintonPhotography
Nature Photography - Ocean, Beach Decor, Sunset - The Last of The Light by ChelseaVictoria
Vintage Starfish, Sea Star, Nautical Decor, Beach House, Cottage Chic by 5gardenias

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Newly Listed: Soul Cloth Dress Hand Stitches

Soul Cloth Dress Hand Stitches Vintage Embroidery Linen Birds and Flowers by StarsWear
Foxglove Cottage by Drawntostitchdotcom
If The Wind Is Right by amyriceart
large abstract painting with pink blush, blue and yellow. Original modern painting by LolaDonoghue

Sunday 17 August 2014

Newly Listed: Evil Eye Leather Bracelet

Evil Eye Leather Bracelet Beach Jewelry Leather, Enamel and Metal by StarDelights
fragile flower skeleton delicate lines fine art photography print nature abstract home decor by Gemfly
blossom photograph, spring photograph, flower photograph, nature photography, by sweetdreamsandhoney
Seashell, Macro, Beach photography, Beach, Cottage chic, Canvas photo, Summer by SammyPhoto

Thursday 14 August 2014

Our Creative Space...

I was busy with an epoxy session yesterday, once I start I can not stop till it is finished, meaning not even a toilet break lol :)

I did a whole bunch of shells, once they are collected from the beach the wet shiny look goes away and mat and dull shells are what you have, the epoxy brings back that wet shiny look and the colors pop out nicely. As they are round I stuck them all to a toothpick in to a piece of oasis, you know that stuff florists use to arrange flowers. This way they will dry pretty all around.

There was also a whole bunch of sea urchins, our harvest from the past few months. After cleaning, filling and cleaning them again they are now also treated with epoxy to make them strong.

Some are not so pretty so will be painted. The spots usually happen in the sea when they get hit by a rock, there skeleton gets damaged but it doesn't harm themselves. This whole bunch is collected during the past few months on many beaches by walking many miles on rocky shores. As the filling and epoxy part is a messy job I do large lots at once.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Newly Listed: Kitsch Kitten Skirt

Kitsch Kitten Skirt Floral Bohemian Neon colors Plus Size Floral Vintage Embroidery by StarsWear
Beach Photography Palm Tree Wall Art Print Bright California Dreaming by AspiringImages
Carnival Photography, Swings carnival ride colorful pastel happy art pink yellow by SSCphotography
bouganvilla nature photography coral orange bright pink flower by GardenCapture

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Necklace Pink Pearl

Sea Urchin Necklace Pink Pearl Necklace with Seashell Art Nouveau by StaroftheEast
Nature Photography, fog, trees, Foggy Mountain Morning, fine art print by moonlightphotography
ocean photography beach nautical decor fine art nature sunset print nature sea by mylittlepixels
Ripple Ridged Shell Photo Print by LemonArtistry

Monday 11 August 2014

Newly Listed: Rustic Steamboat Ship Boat wood, Driftwood

Rustic Steamboat Ship Boat wood, Driftwood Nautical Home decor by StarHomeStudio
Seascape Photography - ocean photo beach print sea waves photograph nautical by CarolynCochrane
The Ocean Below - original woodblock lino relief monoprint by mLee
Tobacco Road Barn Door Carolina Blue Green You Print Digital Image by acabinetofcuriositie

Sunday 10 August 2014

Newly Listed: Amethyst Ring Copper Brass Bezel Ring

Amethyst Ring Copper Brass Bezel Ring Stone jewelry by StarDelights
Photo of Berries with Echos of Berries - Fine Art Photo Entitled Dream's Echo by CarlaDyck
Prints illustrations, Bird cage art, Living room art, Bird art drawing, Orange and gray by lizkapiloto
Rockpool Detail painting- small original watercolour by rachelstockham

Saturday 9 August 2014

Newly Listed: Landscape Agate Necklace

Landscape Agate Necklace Soldered Geode Stone Silver plated Tree by StaroftheEast
Abstract nature photography, bare branches woodland rustic landscape, wall art by DuniStudioDesign
Owl watercolor art- Spotted Owl -print after original watercolor by amberalexander
Zen Tree Landscape- Original Watercolor Painting-Trees-Nature-Countryside by PattisWatercolor

Friday 8 August 2014

Newly Listed: Beach Pottery Cuff Sea Pottery

Beach Pottery Cuff Sea Pottery Sea Tumbled Delft Blue Bracelet One of a Kind by StaroftheEast
New Orleans City Map Large Print Sepia Green Blue watercolor by SummitRidge
Boat Nautical Photography Landscape Black And White Blue Home Decor Boat by VictoriaEnglishCharm
Seagulls Shabby Chic Beach Photography Print Cottage Photo Birds Nature Art by KatieLloydPhoto

Thursday 7 August 2014

Going back to Fairyland

A few years ago we showed you this magical place, but six years have passed and nature has run its course through the place and it has become even greener, more magical and rustic.

This is a little 'restaurant' on the side of a pretty busy road. You can drive right pass it as it has hardly any indications of what the place is. The menu is simple: meatballs or chicken, with a salad of your choice. It is run by two older men, both with white beards reminding of the dwarfs from fairyland, only snow white is missing.

It has some regular tables for those who do not want to be too close to nature, each with an adorable flower arrangement, the vases are dried gourds.

Everywhere you will find old or handmade items, some are both, lots are made with natural findings which slowly are destroyed by nature but new items appear constantly.

The exterior of the building can hardly be seen because of all the plants, still growing or dried.

Here they made a roof, this was not here the last time we came here I guess they couldn't handle all the 'green' in this area. In the center is a big table, like an altar it is full with dried flowers, clearly the ones of the tables that dried out and left there, giving it a very surreal effect.

Here a detail of all the dried flowers and gourds, it is like they didn't have the heart to throw away the flowers so instead they leave them here to let them 'pass away' in their own time.

We, of course, did not sit on a neat table but went to the more rustic part where the tables are natural wood and you are right in the middle of a wilderness.

Where ever you look, up or down, you will discover all kind of things like baskets, birdhouses, bicycles, wheels, pots and more odds and bits.

The deeper you get in to this magical place the wilder it becomes, these tables are not much used and are taken over by nature, giving it a beautiful abandoned feeling, I love how nature takes over places like this.

Further down the path we go towards the kitchen, which is needless to say also outside.

Baskets full of garlic.

And the kitchen with the gnome :)
Those chandelier kind of things are made of hand rolled paper.

A kitchen can't be safe without fire extinguishers, but I doubt that these will work, they do make a fun decoration.

The cook was so busy that it took him a while for him to notice me, he gave me a big grin and then continued with his work full concentration.

These smart two were right in front of the kitchen, looking very content.

Needless to say that the food is fresh and delicious.

Once it gets dark the magic becomes even more intense. If you are ever in the neighborhood of Marmaris this restaurant is on the road between HisarönĂ¼ and Bozburun, I can give you directions :)