Monday 25 August 2014

Our Creative Space...

These past few days I have been having lots of fun with painting beach pebbles. The past few years I haven't been able to paint paintings due to lack of time and space so these have been a great outlet for me.

I've finished this bird last night, inspired by the feather (which is included in the set). I also found three little egg shaped pebbles in our stash making the set complete, I will list it later today in the decor shop.

Up till now I've only used black and white and creating grey tones with those, I'll maybe later on start using colors too but somehow I like this color scheme for the moment as the pebbles are also in these colors.

Listed this set last night, I love seahorses, they are so pretty and fragile, and the fact that they are the only creatures where the men get pregnant makes my feminist side happy and extra fond of them :)

It gives me lots of pleasure to make these so be sure to check out the shop often as I'm sure more will appear soon :)

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