Thursday 31 October 2013

Newly listed: Brown Sterling silver Sea urchin earrings

A more serious color today, some might find it boring, I however love dark colors :)
Our new sterling silver sea urchin earrings match perfectly with these art pieces:
Octopus Painting - Unknown and Unknowable Octopus - Fine Art Giclee Print by AnOctopusADay
Original watercolor painting and floral drawing by FrancescaLancisi
Cat Art Print - Theo by acageybee

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

In Turkey Halloween is not celebrated, actually the entire concept is also pretty new to Europe and is more a way of costume parties than the traditional celebrations in the US. It is called Cadılar Bayramı here which translates as: Witches Celebration.

Mimi however loves to dress up as you can see here, and found Halloween a good excuse.
Happy Haloween from us and the 13 furry kids :)

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Newly Listed: Pink and Gold Sea urchin Necklace

Fresh in the shop is a beautiful gold plated drop necklace with a tiny pink sea urchin.
Vintage seafans by CaprockVintage
Folk painting of girl with red flowers by Corid
Turquoise Coral Ceramic Bowl by 3GirlsandaKiln

Monday 28 October 2013

A Lovely Surprise

With my mum being ill for the past 5 days, a woman scratching my car while she was talking to her phone and driving like a lunatic, my finger got badly burned with boiling water and on top of that the hours have changed so that the days are short and evenings dark I'm very glad to also have some positive things going on :) A little while back I got the wonderful news that I won this beautiful art piece by Francesca Lancesi.

It arrived beautifully and carefully packaged, along with all kind of other yummy things.

Her work is exactly my style so I was very happy that after my first visit on her blog I won her giveaway. I really want to create an Etsy wall, with all my artwork from different Etsy artists!

I also received gorgeous cards and bookmarks, to see more of her work visit her Etsy shop.

Sunday 27 October 2013

Newly Listed: Knitted Felted Wool Bag

Inspired by the colorful patchwork felt bag, bright cheerful colors for the now shorter winter days.
Pixie print by StephanieCorfee
Trio of Vases Garden Collection by CarriageOakCottage
Colorful homes with hanging laundry in Venice by Sylvia Cook

Saturday 26 October 2013

Newly listed: Sea urchin Swirl Necklace

This lovely sea urchin necklace reminds me of the sea, nature and fresh air.
Accompanied with 3 matching items:
Hummingbird Photography by AmyTylerPhotography
Lighthouse Print vintage illustration on antique map by PrintLand
Fern Photograph Macro Floral Photography by AliciaBock

Friday 25 October 2013

Newly listed: Driftwood Clouds

Several new clouds are in our home decor shop, I love rain especially as we have such long and hot Summers here, but it is also very inspirational.
Rain drops Fine art Photography by ShabbyStudios
Winter Rain Drops Art Macro Photography by KLCPhotography
Statement Necklace Women Cloud Rain Drops Bib by whatanovelidea

Thursday 24 October 2013

Wish upon a Star

A few days ago I received these delightful ceramic starfishes from Sandra. You might remember her shop Azulado from last year when we arranged a raffle for her after loosing her husband and ended up in an impossible financial situation. The raffle was a great success and helped her tremendously, but these past 10 months haven't been easy for her, both mentally as financial.

A month ago she had to move her home and workplace as the situation with her in-laws had become impossible, so our team on Etsy have been buying her beauties from her shop to help her out. I just want you all to know that she can still use all the help she can get and now that Christmas is getting closer you might want to take a look in her shop to buy some gifts from her. I'm sure that both the reciever of those gifts as Sandra herself will be very happy with that.

You can find ceramic home decor, Christmas decorations, bowls, jewelry and more in her shop, I'm sure you'll be able to find something beautiful for someone special, in her shop Azulado.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Newly Listed: Purple Yellow Leaf Jewelry

I love striking contrasts, yellow and purple is one of my favorite. This board was inspired by the yellow and purple leaf earrings and necklace I've just listed.
Together with  Ada Lovelace by WomeninScienceArt
Living room modern Country Homes Interiors from House to Home
Purple Lavender Flower by ElizabethThomasPhoto

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Newly Listed: Amethyst Necklace

Purple is one of the most beautiful colors if you ask me, and amethyst always shows the color so beautifully. Our Amethyst necklace is accompanied with:
Ancient plum french knocker door by LumiereDuMatin
Fine Art Photography, Figs, Still Life Photography by AsliAlin
Felted bowl purple by theYarnKitchen

Monday 21 October 2013

Newly Listed: Tweed Doily Tote

Blue sky with some fluffy white clouds, doilies and dragonflies, this freshly made tote reminds me of fresh air and romantic times.
Light Blue Dragonfly Vinyl Wall Decal by WilsonGraphics 
Lace Ceramic Flower Plate by Ceraminic
Cloudy Sky wallpaper

Sunday 20 October 2013

Newly listed: Bridal Hair comb

Today's inspiration is a custom made haircomb for a lovely bride, with pearls, flowers and leaves it is so easily to combine it with many pretty things.
Stunning Close up of Dead Rhododendron Leaf Skeleton by Sabatobox
Ellegant Lace wedding from BeforeTheBigDay
Vintage country style wedding at RusticWeddingChic

Saturday 19 October 2013

Newly listed: Abalone Ring

Abalone shell is so inspiring, the rich colors can take you to magical lakes, peacock feathers and undiscovered places.
Newly listed in our shop is an Abalone shell ring.
Proud as a peacock by Mark Melnick
Abalone shell by William Neil
Shell Photograph by Elle Moss

Friday 11 October 2013

Our Season

The Summer season is ending here, which means that our treasure hunting season has started. Now that the beaches are abandoned, the weather cooler, and the sea rougher it is the time for us to explore.
Today was the first time after months that we went to the beach, on our way there we saw this abandoned 'enterprise', most likely someone tried to sell homemade honey but these roads are even during Summer pretty slow so I think business went bad.

The roads are rough and we always arrive weak and dizzy all over :) But the view and treasures always make our trip worth it.

Sea urchins do not wash ashore everywhere, they like rough rocky seas and beaches.

Here you see one happily in the sea, which of course, we leave in peace.

The ones we take are washed ashore and are hiding between leaves, wood and other rubble.

The weather was perfect.

And the view was therapeutic.

Near the shores grow all kind of wild flowers, the weather is still so warm that it more seems like the beginning of Summer with still hints of Spring.


We were not the only one enjoying the calm sea, here is a Stork chilling out :)
Hope you enjoyed the trip with us!