Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

In Turkey Halloween is not celebrated, actually the entire concept is also pretty new to Europe and is more a way of costume parties than the traditional celebrations in the US. It is called Cadılar Bayramı here which translates as: Witches Celebration.

Mimi however loves to dress up as you can see here, and found Halloween a good excuse.
Happy Haloween from us and the 13 furry kids :)


  1. Ha ha haaa, your doggie is just so cute, Estella, and really patient as well :D Truly sweet and funny photo :)

  2. sooo cutteee!!! Her nose reminds me of a pink panther's.. and I just read the interview with Mimi, what a personality!

  3. too cute! he thinks he's playing games....which he is I guess!

  4. LOOOOL!!! Thant is the cutest Halloween cover up ever!