Friday 11 October 2013

Our Season

The Summer season is ending here, which means that our treasure hunting season has started. Now that the beaches are abandoned, the weather cooler, and the sea rougher it is the time for us to explore.
Today was the first time after months that we went to the beach, on our way there we saw this abandoned 'enterprise', most likely someone tried to sell homemade honey but these roads are even during Summer pretty slow so I think business went bad.

The roads are rough and we always arrive weak and dizzy all over :) But the view and treasures always make our trip worth it.

Sea urchins do not wash ashore everywhere, they like rough rocky seas and beaches.

Here you see one happily in the sea, which of course, we leave in peace.

The ones we take are washed ashore and are hiding between leaves, wood and other rubble.

The weather was perfect.

And the view was therapeutic.

Near the shores grow all kind of wild flowers, the weather is still so warm that it more seems like the beginning of Summer with still hints of Spring.


We were not the only one enjoying the calm sea, here is a Stork chilling out :)
Hope you enjoyed the trip with us!


  1. I'd love to hunt someday with you! the view is great and the urchins are so beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful scenery! I wish I were there, too!

  3. I love sea treasure hunting but in your part of the world, it seems even more magic!

  4. Love the landscape, love the flowers, the bird, everything! And your photography, too :)))))

  5. Amazing, Estella, you are very happy to live in an environment!

  6. Amazing place you have there!!! Beautiful!!!

  7. I indeed enjoyed the trip with you, Estella!!!! :D Wonderful photos, these sceneries and peaceful landscapes are so soothing and enchanting! They of course make me think of Someone who's very dear to me :) He had a day off today and is having a bicycle tour to the lake of Koycegiz, he has his camping gear with him, so in case you meet a lonely cyclist this time it might indeed be him ;)

  8. Lovely post, amazing photos! thank you for sharing!

  9. What a fabulous place where you live!!

  10. I loved the trip to the beach!AriadnefromGreece!