Monday 6 May 2019

Newly Listed: Knitted Wing Cowl

Knitted Wing Cowl, Feathers Cowl, Scarf Soft Peacock Iridescent Scales Wrap Cowl, Birds of a Feather by StarsWear
Large Blue Green Feather Print, Iridescent Bird Wall Art, Modern Office Decor, Nature Photography by EchidnaArtandCards
The Nicobar pigeon, the closest living relative to the Dodo bird by John Williams
Nicobar Pigeon by Vinayadass


  1. This always reminds me of Papagena in the Magic Flute! So cute :)

  2. hello my dear friend 💖
    This is an unusual idea and a beautiful embodiment.

  3. oh wow! this is gorgeous!
    and again your pick of picture is complimenting this one so well!