Friday 3 May 2019

A Few Make overs

It is Spring, or here almost Summer, we don't really have Spring here. Which means all doggies are having a make over :) I've already done 8 of the 10 and Lulu is so funny, before and after, that I thought to show you :)

Lulu has naturally a mohawk, which I find hilarious. She is a sausage/ terrier mix and both sides you can see in the most fun way.

Her under hair is brown, so once trimmed she has a totally different color.

But where the mohawk was, is now black, creating a wide stripe. We find her adorable each way:)

The other make over are these tables.

They had a very tough varnish on them which took ages to remove and they were crooked and wonky.

After they were stabilized I painted them in white with turquoise.

To match marbled paper I had made during my course this Winter.

They are a set of nesting tables and I painted them to match in a fun way.

I love how they turned out, very beach cottage :) They are available at StarHomeStudio.

And in case you wondered what I did with the remaining of the spoon, I turned it into a very cool keychain.


  1. How a fierce stegosaur turns into a cute little doggie :)
    And very cute tables too!

  2. I do not know the word in English, but here people say '' You have a golden arms'' which means that everything you touch become a peace of art. Like your items very much. The poor dog is so cute :) He even worked out photo shooting :)

  3. they do look a lot like beach house furniture!
    And I love the cuteness of your dog ^^

  4. This dog is great. let it pass great summer
    I liked this tabletop