Thursday 14 December 2017

Get The Look Vol. 9

I love these beautiful old carpet beaters, there are many types of knots and they just look pretty hanging on a wall. The one in our shop is from the 1930's and handmade in Spain, not good to beat carpets anymore but pretty enough to hang on the wall.

I love windmills, even little ones to decorate your home. While these from wayfair are mass produced I do find them charming.
If you prefer one of a kind handmade though, you will like our little windmill even better :)

While Macramé used to be only associated with the 1970's they are all the vibe again in these modern days. You won't catch me doing any big pieces but sometimes I like to do a little Macramé project on the side, like this basket with vintage handmade glass evil eye beads for some extra luck.

We have been selling beautiful bunches of driftwood for a while now and you can paint them if you find them plain, but now you can also get them painted as I did a fun project in between painting chairs (which will be finished soon, I hope) :)


  1. I really like the painted drift wood! Looks beautiful!
    I painted rocks once, that's fun too :)

  2. Oh how I love Macramé plant hangers! I really need to make a couple of them :) and your little windmill is adorable!

  3. Your treasures are amazing!! Love the macramé plant hangers!

  4. lovely lovely items !!! I love the driftwood so much, but honestly the glass cloche (not sure if I know how it is called in English actually) the one on the first picture, are amazing! :)