Thursday 7 December 2017

The Ugly Side

After many rainy days (not complaining!) we had some sunny weather and we went to the beach for some much needed fresh air and treasure hunt.

The beaches are now all quiet, especially when you go midweek, and after stormy weather you can find some cool stuff.

This beach here is especially great for driftwood.

The road however is very tricky, if you're not careful you can get stuck in the mud, our shoes got super heavy too.

Except for some happy lucky goats the beach was all ours.

 Weather was perfect, more like September than December.

Now all these pictures are amazing and we feel blessed to live close to these surroundings. But this time I also wanted to show you the ugly side of these beaches, or better said the things we humans do to these places...

As soon as you look down you start to see trash, at first bottle caps, rope and fishing net, but also plastic bottles, bags, shoes, and all kind of trash.

Most of this came from the sea but some was left by beach goers and just left all there trash behind. Either way it ended up on the beach and can end up back in the sea where it harms the living creatures in it. Animals get strangled by plastic or their stomachs get filled by plastic and they die of hunger.

I always collect several bags of trash with each of our visits, I never took pictures but when I shared this video on Facebook I got a comment from the original poster to join the #binbagchallenge, so that's why I documented it this time, for others to join too!
This can be at the beach but also mountains, road sides etc. Remember with the wind a lot of this trash ends up in the sea.

Collected a pile as large as myself.

We did collect some pretty driftwood branches too.

We filled the car full with trash and dropped it in a trash bin. Of course this is not the end of the trash it doesn't disappear but at least it won't be ending up in the sea now. I highly recommend you to watch this video! And I hope you join the #binbagchallenge!


  1. Human trash is a disaster these days and it's just getting worse and worse.
    I never saw that kind of heavy trash in France, but from what I know they pay people to clean up most beaches, and we are in a very touristic place so the beaches need to be spotless for the tourists.
    Glad to see you are picking up the trash! It's really easy to do and I wish more people would do that.

    On the bright side, what a beautiful landscape!!

  2. We are ruined by plastic and by humans who don't care about how much is important to love Earth and nature. You live in a wonderful place, thanks for collecting all that trash!

  3. You live in paradise. I do not notice garbage.
    In my St. Petersburg it is not possible to live from November to February because of bad weather.

  4. You live in paradise. I do not notice garbage.
    In my St. Petersburg it is not possible to live from November to February because of bad weather.
    I think at the end of the 21st century, the rubbish will be the same as oil today