Thursday 29 May 2014

The Adventure with a Dromedary

Yesterday we were in Aydin again to the veterinarian faculty to have two of our doggies checked.
You can see here that it is quite a strange place, mostly with cows and goats but also dogs. This time there was a dromedary. The faculty is like a labyrinth, oddly shaped all corridors look the same and it has a round center so you can go round and round and round and you can go crazy there.

Our two girls have both bumps under their skin, afraid that it might be bad tumors we went straight to the faculty instead of a vet in our own town. We went through the maze a few dozen times for blood tests and X-rays and I kept seeing the dromedary in different kind of states, first totally knocked out as it had a wound and needed to be treated. Later a bit awake looking around.

Here is Lily waiting for X-rays, it was all mighty interesting for her, and both the girls behaved very brave and sweet :)

While Daisy was recovering and Lily was being operated I saw that the Dromedary was now completely awake and what a sweety he is.

The owner and the dromedary had clearly a very good relationship as they kept kissing each other which I found very endearing especially when it is in a macho country :)

The mouth was so silky soft, and he had very sweet eyes, I didn't know that they were so endearing, never been close to any of them before.

In the mean time we were waiting for hours as both girls needed to be operated separately. We got up before 6 in the morning as Aydın is a two and a half hour drive and we needed to be there by 9, we were back home at 7 and after 12 hours we all four needed recovery!

While waiting mum discovered that one of the bird species have gorgeous black and white feathers.

I got hold of the ground-keeper and asked if I could get inside to collect the fallen feathers which he kindly agreed to and opened the locked door for me.

They were very curious and extremely noisy making noise constantly.

Back home our two girls are recovering very well (knock on wood), I learned how to give them the antibiotic injections so it all goes calmly without taking them to the vet. They are treated with yummy food and lovingly made soups.

And although they do not know why they had to be cut and suffer they still love us so I think they do know that we would never do anything to harm them :)

And here are the treasures I collected from my curious friends, totally cruelty free feathers, so beautiful!


  1. What an adventure! The dromadary looks friendly enough but I've been told they are moody creatures...I'm not sure the person who told me so knew many of them! The white dots on black chickens I know and the sound they make is very special!

  2. oooh that dromedary is so adorable! :)

  3. These birds are guinea fowls - I LOVE THEM. I really want to keep them when I finally have my farm ;) :P

    Also in the first few pictures the dromedary has his legs tucked away in such way I thought it had no legs... Glad that it's not the case!