Saturday 10 May 2014

Sew Cute

We had a little side project yesterday, a little self made gift for Mother's day, making our own little sewing machine. We started with using a toy sewing machine as model.

Then copying that to fabric.

After some trial and error, we finally were satisfied with the outcome.

We first thought to paint the decoration you can see above that I wrote Singer on one of them, but the paint was a bit tacky, one wrong drop and it would be ruined, besides it wouldn't look very pretty. So we went for gold lace, you know to copy the old sewing machines which were mostly black with gold details.

Tadaaaa! Our very own sewing machine, we love it!

The shape it not perfect yet, the needle is a bit too high and the body goes a bit crooked but it is very charming and this was only the first, we are already busy with a second which body turned out better.

We used a vintage brass piece for the wheel and a vintage brass button on the front for the thread tension :)

Both sides are decorated with lace. On top of the machine is a metal piece for the bobbin, which is vintage too, a very cute wooden one.

The bottom is found on the beach, just a few days ago, a lot of pieces from a lot of places, it was fun to make and the result is even more fun. We have a little collection of old little sewing machines, you can see the start of it here, there are two more now, and this little guy will be a great addition to the collection :)