Saturday 28 July 2018

Blood Moon

Last night there was a moon eclipse, which you probably already knew :) Here from Turkey it could clearly be seen from start to finish, it started to go back at 00:30 which I was too tired to shoot.

Total lunar eclipses are also sometimes called Blood Moons because of the reddish-orange glow the Moon takes on during the eclipse.
On the day of the eclipse, the Full Moon is also at its farthest from the Earth, so it looks a little smaller in the sky, making this a Blood Micro Moon eclipse.

I took these photos with a compact camera, first time I managed to take photos of the moon but I had done some research and I took my time. First of all you need a tripod the slightest movement will ruin the photo. If you do not have a wireless or cable shutter release (like me) use the self-timer function which I did on 2 seconds as your finger pushing the shutter also causes for movement.
Somewhere I had read to adjust the focus to eternity which made a huge difference. ISO on 400 as suggested at some places did not work out for me, I had it on automatic or 200. And aperture on f/4. I plaid around a lot on manuel mode, and am happy with the results for the camera I have :) Sharing this info as I saw a lot of very grainy or vague spots of moon photos these past few hours.

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