Wednesday 5 November 2014

A little Trip

On Friday we went to Izmir again, for some serious supply shopping and a visit to IKEA for some additional drawers for the sewing room. I have blogged before about Izmir, you can see those posts here. As we left home at 6.30 am after 3 hours driving I could hardly keep my eyes open so we had a coffee break close to our destination were these adorable birds were patiently waiting for breakfast, right next to us, clearly used to humans.

After our mission in IKEA was completed we went in to town for some supplies. First stop was here for trims for clothing. The shop is filled in every nook and cranny with buttons, trims zippers and so fort, this is just a part of the shop, you can spent an entire day there and get totally dizzy out of it :)

Buttons and evil eyes.

More buttons!

Zippers and trim.

We also went to several jewelry supply shops and got home after 9 pm totally exhausted but happily welcomed by a huge bunch of hungry doggies who were past their dinner time :)

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  1. Wow these shops are huge and look inviting and promising!! *Dreaming*