Monday 10 October 2016

Our Creative Space and a New Family Member

These pictures are actually from a while back but I forgot to blog them :)
Here is mum knitting this top we have in the shop.

Instead of knitting the black and white together (and seeing them through making it grey-ish), mum came with the genius idea of knitting with a gazillion yarn balls, making her crazy in the progress...

Well she did finish it eventually but she had to un-knot the mess every few rows, it was madness really and took ages :)

Aaaand we have a new adopted family member, just when we got to 9 doggies we are back at double digits... she is crazy and seems to be already the head of the pack, she has an attitude but is also very sweet. Her name is Truusje, something very Dutch, but she got the nickname of 'crazy melon' because of her crazy movements and round belly :)


  1. Oh, I would have gone mad with having to unknown that many yarn balls frequently.
    Welcome to your new family member!

  2. ........all those balls knotted!! So hard to un - knot, I know...! Beautiful top and "crazy melon" is so cute!!

  3. What an amazing picture, I admire your mum for the patience. I would go crazy.

  4. Esther is very creative!!! Love the top! Truusje is cute!

  5. He is so cute! You can't blame a lovely face like that!

  6. That sweater is incredible!! And how your Mum made it, I admire her tenacity!! And sweet face on the new pup!!! So cute 😊

  7. Looking at that top it and the end result, it is so much better she did not mix the black and white. But I understand that the yarn getting tangled was not nice at all.
    Welcome to Truusje!

  8. Oh my gosh, I would not be able to finish the knitting with so many yarn balls. It looks pretty crazy.
    And the doggie is soo sweet.

  9. Gah that knitting would have driven me insane. I'd probably have dropped the project :D the top looks awesome though!
    and hello to the new family member :)

  10. The sweater is very cool! And congrats on the new doggie :)

  11. love that mess! Congrats to your mom!
    and hugs for crazy melon!