Monday 12 June 2017

Get the Look Vol.6

It has been a few month since I posted a Get the Look post, and in the mean time a few inspiring pieces were added in our decor shop.
The picture above is of course very appealing to me with both a big map and a globe light, love the butterflies too. We have a few vintage maps in the shop and a globe light too!

What a way to welcome your guests, or to come home. Not everyone has the luxury of spacious hallways but I like it when there is more than just a pile of shoes to welcome you. A chandelier gives a luxurious vibe and of course is handy to see where you are going to. I think our vintage chandelier would look fabulous in a hallway, or any room for that matter :)

Macrame was so 1970's but it is back in a big way, and some are really huge and amazing.
While I like doing it I don't think I will be knotting curtains, it might drive me crazy/ier and we can't have that happening :)
So a smaller macrame project but with shells, of course.

 I love everything of this house, especially the mid century chairs (although white wouldn't be my choice) and the bronze bird statue. We have a very colorful mid century chair in the shop, and there is my driftwood bird statue, maybe not so elegant, but I like him, he has character :)


  1. You are showing striking findings

  2. You do have a lot of beautiful items to get the perfect interior look!

  3. I think your bird is cool!
    I love maps and globes, too.