Tuesday 20 June 2017

Summer Bags

We've made a whole bunch of adorable Summer bags.

They all start with cute vintage hand embroideries, birds are always a favorite :)

Then the patchwork, this takes many hours as we only use scraps to re use them, the scraps first need to match the colors of the embroidery, they are then cut to size and then arranged in a balanced way.

We have a fun trick for sewing the patchwork easier, we showed it a while back.

Each are different and one of a kind, and all material is vintage or upcycled, except for the rivets and magnetic snaps.

All are available in our bag shop, with loads of other one of a kind bags :)


  1. All of them are so pretty! Now I wish I was that kind of person who has different bags for different occasions... but I am more a one bag all the time kind of girl. :)

  2. I have similar embroidered birds, made by my mother in childhood

  3. Wow, the fabric and the embroidery fit together beautifully in color!

  4. Pretty combination of the embroidery and new fabrics.