Thursday 31 May 2018

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Monday 28 May 2018

Kula part 2 and Kuladokya

I still had some more photo's of Kula after my long post about this Town in Decay.

There was actually one large house that was in the middle of Restoration. An impressive sight, but the decaying ones do have more charm and character if you ask me.

In a lot of places in Turkey you'll see these kind of nests, often at patio's and balconies, where it is covered and safe. I'm always happy that people leave those nests alone and even when the house is getting a paint job they paint around those nests. These nests are of Swallows and are done with mud and can stay for years and the Swallows will come back again when it is time for another bunch of eggs :D

I love how these houses all have such cheerful colors, why are houses not painted like this anymore?

This house was clearly in use, although no palace it had a new roof which protects the entire house.

This was an old Hamam or Turkish Bath as you might know it, but it was turned in to a café.

It still had its pretty ceilings, for obvious reasons Turkish Baths have no windows but instead have ceilings with little holes to get light through.

 What I did not know about Kula is that it has these beautiful mountains, a bit like Cappadocia which is a very well known Touristic destination. These mountains are shaped by many years of wind and floods.

In Turkish they call these 'Peri bacaları', which is translated in to 'Fairy Chimneys'.

With clearly an eye wink to Cappadocia (in Turkish Kapadokya) They called it here Kuladokya. Although not as unique as Cappadocia (as there the mountains were once turned it to caves and were used as houses giving it even more the illusion of fairy houses) it was beautiful and a special place.

I hope you enjoyed my trip with me :)

Thursday 24 May 2018

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Monday 21 May 2018

A Town in Decay: Kula

Kula is a town with 47.000 inhabitants. And the town is full with old buildings in various stages of decay.

I loved the many primitive door locks and doors.

There were still old type of shops like copper and iron smiths, truly a town stuck in time (except for the mobile phones and satellite dishes :)).

We were there on a Sunday so many shops were closed.

I love the texture that only time can give.

These are blankets. Made with cotton inside and then stitched by hand in intricate motives, again a craftsmanship not much done these days.

A lot of these houses are still lived in, you usually only tell because of the clean windows and curtains. The houses are protected and can not be demolished, however many of the owners can not afford restoration either. Selling the houses are also not much of an option as the would not bring more than 10.000$, which is not enough to buy a new house. So many were inhabited by old couples of which the children went to bigger cities.

My guess is that in about 20 years they'll all be empty, some were already, like this one where I could take a peek inside and discover its beautiful mantle piece.

My favorite were all the rustic doors, some were unfortunately replaced by modern metal ones.

Although this house below looks like it is skeletonized it was still occupied. These houses were plastered with a mixture of mud and  straw which was a great isolation against both heat and cold but once this coating falls off you can see the wood work under it.

I still have many more pictures to share so stay tuned :)