Sunday 30 November 2008

Nature is Healing

Yes, nature is healing, it will take many more years for this mountain to become as it was before the fire but you can see bits of green starting to grow...

Friday 28 November 2008

Friday Findings: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As today is officially the day to start Christmas shopping and most European sellers (including us) on Etsy is December 1st the last day to ship for Christmas, here some European Christmas goodies!









Tuesday 25 November 2008

City Mixture

I always love how cities blend with nature, art and architecture. Some people might find it messy, dirty or too crowded, but you have to admit, cities has it's charms, some more pictures of Amsterdam...

Furniture made with mosaic, looks like a huge open air living room.

Nature is fighting with the bricks and stone...

The famous painting of Rembrandt, 'Nachtwacht' (The Nightwatch), has been made in huge statues on the Rembrandts square in Amsterdam, the drawing is in 2D also impressive.

Little homes with gardens all captured on boats on the canals are quite normal in Amsterdam.

A not so normal view where these geese in the middle of the road.

And a friendly Grasshopper decided to say hello to me.

Saturday 22 November 2008

Amsterdam's Street Art

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is full of Graffiti, some are really pieces of art. But as that kind of 'Art' is quite known, I wanted to introduce you with the Mosaic artist and Painter Fabrice. All over Amsterdam you will find mosaic and paintings of him, the Municipality hires him often to decorate a boring wall to avoid Graffiti.

Love the details, especially the nipple :)

Friday 21 November 2008

Friday Findings: Amsterdam

We just arrived home last night from Amsterdam, so what better theme is there for this week's Friday findings? Our own pictures will be posted soon!


Monday 17 November 2008

Stars on the Move

Yes, we are on the move, for the next 4 days we will be traveling like crazy! I'm now writing from a Hotel in Izmir. We hit the road this morning and arrived to Izmir after about 4 hours driving. Did supply shopping all afternoon till evening and are now hanging, close to dead, in our hotel room. Here you see the evidence, mums feet, all the rest is too dead to show you :)

But the big trip will start tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. we will fly from Izmir to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Amsterdam.

From Tuesday afternoon till Thursday morning we will be running around in Amsterdam, which includes fun things like shopping and less fun things, as always.

Thursday afternoon we will be flying back from Amsterdam-Istanbul-Izmir and then again the car trip to be at home late at night. Stay tuned more pictures will come from our little adventure :)

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Concert A La Turkey

I went to a Turkish concert the other night, as it was free the whole town was there. They closed the main square of the city Mu─čla so that there was enough room for everyone. Turkish concerts have a very unique atmosphere, the whole family goes (when it is free) so you will see tiny kids but also grandma's (mumbling to herself what on earth she was doing here at this age). Some pictures to understand the evening.

They definitely know how to have a nice time here, the concert was of Mustafa Sandal, quite an icon here.