Friday 28 March 2014

Newly Listed: Green Sea Urchin Spine Earrings

Green Sea Urchin Spine Earrings by StaroftheEast
Glass Terrarium Vase Hand Blown Glass Vase Transparent Pale Green Flower Wall Decor by AvolieGlass
Rustic Winter Photograph - Sway - print, mint green, gray sky, forest green grass stems by ErinBphoto
Beach photograph - Red Bloom - Red Seaweed waves - Rhode Island nature ocean by LilyShihPhoto

Thursday 27 March 2014

Newly Listed: Vintage embroidery and Leather Bag

Vintage embroidery and Leather Bag - Birds, Butterflies, Woodland, Leaves, Nature by StarBags
Art Photography Coffee Mug Heart Bokeh Modern Wall Art Autumn by Gallery32Photography
Butterfly photography- manson jar, ethereal art, feminine, romantic, fine art print by dullbluelight
Photo of Piano Keys Entitled Keys - Fine Art Photo by CarlaDyck

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Newly Listed: Rose Coral Earrings

Rose Coral Earrings Sterling Silver Red Floral by StaroftheEast
Poppy Photography, Picture of Poppies, Large Red Flowers, Asian Floral by AmyTylerPhotography
Nursery Photography, Art for Children, Rat in bowl, Red Flower Hat by SamClarkPhotography
Spring Nature Photography Print, Red Blossom, Flower Photograph by TheShutterbugEye

Sunday 23 March 2014

Newly Listed: Mushroom Driftwood Sculpture

Mushroom Driftwood Sculpture Woodland display, Beach Decor by StarHomeStudio
Snail Shell & Leaf Photo, Autumn Nature Photography, Fine Art , Brown Wall Decor by ARFdesign
mini mushroom forest macro photography, woodland fine art photo by StrongylosPhoto
Organic photography, tree mushrooms or fungi, northern nature photography by FieldBerry

Saturday 22 March 2014

A Lovely Day...

We had a lovely day today, Spring has arrived early this year with already weather above the 25 degrees (77 F) we can already be outside in t-shirts enjoying a nice brunch.

We went to a place where everything is homemade and organic, yummy!

After filling our bellies we headed off to the beach, with a lucky start by seeing a ladybug, should be a good sign!

Sea urchins are cheeky little things, they do not like lovely sandy beaches but rather rocky rough seashores where it is hard to walk.

 The boats are still being patched up, but soon they'll all be ready for the Summer season, they pull them in the water with a rustic system, as can be seen below. I'm sure that everyone helps each other, as they are all pulled with men power, no fancy machinery.

Tea is a way of living here, not like the British with their tea time, in Turkey it is always tea time, here you see, sugar, tea, glasses and spoons; everything is ready. Because of the sunlight you can not see but the teapot is actually on some kind of stove, the wood you can see sticking out below was burning, and the tea was boiling.

On our way home a stop for vitamins, an abandoned patch with orange, lemon and tangerine trees. Free for picking, fresh from the trees.

Also some wild flower picking...

And the harvest of the day, lots of vitamin C :)

A big shell, which we find very rarely, so the ladybug did help! A nice bunch of sea urchins, which will need to be cleaned.

Some nice driftwood, shells, beach glass, starfishes and other treasures.

Stones 'drilled' by the waves, and a fishing net will make a nice home decor piece as soon as I know how exactly :)

We had a lovely day, hope you enjoyed it with us :)

Friday 21 March 2014

Newly Listed: Sea urchin and Pearl Cuff

Sea Urchin Cuff - Elegant Sea Urchin and Pearl Bracelet - Pink Brown White by StaroftheEast
Pink Flower Fine Art Photo -Hydrangea Pink Brown Nature Shabby Chic by GalleryZooArt
She liked swallows art print by PrintIllustrations
Paris Seine photo - fine art photography print - France travel by photographybykarina

Thursday 20 March 2014

Newly Listed: Octopus Necklace

Octopus Necklace - Ceramic, metal, solder - by StaroftheEast
Hands photography by JuliaMorozovaPrints
In Motion- Limited Edition Reproduction of gyotaku - Octopus by orchidstreetstudio
the wave - sea photography. Print. Photo print. The Mediterranean Sea by Icassettidibididi

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Newly Listed: Grey Owl Bag

Grey Owl Bag Cross-body Vegan Woodland Purse by StarBags
Black and White Bird Photography - flying tree branches sky modern fine art print by CarolynCochrane
Birds in Falling Leaves - Digital illustration - Print by LillaJizo
Moon of Revelation- full moon, silver moon, winter moon, grey sky, moon art by moondreamin

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

Until last year almost all our doggies would be brought to the vet twice a year for a trim. It was always quite the hassle with making an appointment bringing them to town one by one etc, not to mention that it is also a lot of costs, but here necessary due to the extreme heat but also as it is impossible to brush 13 dogs, we wash them very often, but brushing them all would be a full time job!

Anyway by the end of last year we finally bought our own trimmer, and it actually is much faster then bringing them to the vet. Since a few days we have Spring so in the sun the kids get their beauty treatment, and I haven't heard them complain, look at Simon very smug :)

While the doggies have their Spring cleaning, the garden however has become a bit hairy as some escape the broom with a little breeze.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Knitted Beach

Usually when you think about knitting you think about cozy evening close to a heat source with a cup of something hot for the long winter evenings, making sweaters, and other things to keep you warm.

As soon as spring is in the air knitting is a bit forgotten, the sun will warm us up, won't it?

But some genius people come up with great thing to knit like these wonderful shells and starfishes, made with tutorials of Ginx Craft at Craftsy. If you would like to give it a try here is the seashell and here the starfish.

According to my mother, how made them, the tutorials are very clearly written and very well explained so easy to follow.

I think these will make a great beach-y bag, don't you think?

Friday 14 March 2014

Newly Listed: Sputnik Sea urchin Ring

One of a kind Sputnik Sea Urchin Ring Statement Ring by StaroftheEast
Ocean Photography, Beach House Decor, Coastal Photos, Sand & Sea by GiaJuryPhotography
Beach photography, North Carolina, Atlantic, meditation by bomobob
Untitled (Kelso Sand Dunes) Original Photography Print by AngeladelaAgua

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Newly Listed: Little Red Riding hood Skirt

Fairy tale Skirt Vintage Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Gobelin Fabric Clothing by StarsWear
Woodland Photography Print Fine Art Enchanted Forest Path Landscape  by WildWildernessPhotos
Tree Photography Landscape Photo Enchanted Forest Fine Art by Celticcatphotos
Wolf Silhouette In Bark, Wall Art Decor Woodland Animal, Nature Photography by wildpulp

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Travels: Jewelry Organizer Rack Towel Holder

Sea Travels Jewelry Organizer Rack, Towel Holder Beach Home Decor by StarHomeStudio
Seaside photography soaring bird surf photo bird print ocean seascape by bomobob
Birds Flying Photography - seagulls ocean beach print  shore, Freedom by CarolynCochrane
Nature Photography Dollar Coin Plant Home Decor Fine Art Shimmer by LawsonImages

Sunday 9 March 2014

Newly Listed: Gypsy Coin Necklace

Gypsy Coin Necklace Vintage Kuchi pieces Metal Assemblage Traditional Vintage Finds by StaroftheEast
Southwest at Dawn, Monument Valley, Fine Art Photography by SamieSam
Fine art giclee print, Woman Portrait, Medusa, Photomontage, Collage, by ImagineStudio
Matted Native American Headroach Photograph, Wall Art by OjibweWonders

Saturday 8 March 2014

Newly Listed: Bohemian Flower Purse Linen and Crocheted Flowers

Bohemian Flower Purse Linen and Crocheted Flowers Bag by StarBags
Wildflower Photography Print Macro Flower Pastel Garden Wall Decor by EternalMoment
Spring Flower Photography Prints, Magnolia Tree Home Decor, Wall by MPoirierPhotography
Flower photography. Nature. Pastel. Fine art photography print by BeatriceLechtanski

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Collaboration with Azulado

For several months Sandra from Azulado and I have been talking about working together on a collection. I love her sea inspired pottery like this beautiful barnacle bowl and the spoon dish below in shape of a fish. She also makes ceramic jewelry, you can find them in her shop.

Mean while last week her first package arrived with supplies to use in our jewelry.

I gave an idea of what I wanted and Sandra made some yummy cabochons, the starfishes are funny enough her idea, I had not thought of a star :)

And here are my first two pieces with Sandra's work incorporated in them.

I love the direction these ceramic pieces are taking me, especially during these cold days these sea treasures warm me up :)

Sandra makes all of the ceramic pieces in her studio in Portugal, all pieces are made by hand, fired at 2012.0 Fahrenheit (1100 degrees Celsius) glazed and then fired again for strength.

More pieces are in the making, so stay tuned!

Monday 3 March 2014

Newly Listed: Vintage Embroidery and Leather Bag

Vintage embroidery and Leather Bag - Birds, Butterflies, Woodland, Leaves, Nature by StarBags
nature photography, butterfly photograph dreamy garden pink spring romantic  by MyanSoffia
Back of a Sunflower, nature photography flower sun sky by SongofaSparrow
Rainbow Bridge Fine Art Photograph Birds on a Wire Pastel Dreamy Bokeh by MontaraCreek

Saturday 1 March 2014

Madrid 5: Iron work and Stone carving

One of the beautiful things of Madrid is the amazing details on old buildings, mostly the iron work and stone carving. Here some pictures of them to give you an idea.

You have to look up to discover even more beauties, you can find all kind of statues on top of buildings.

The bear with a berry tree is Madrid's symbol, apparently there used to be bears around, several hundreds of years ago, but of course now that Madrid is the 3rd largest city of the European Union you won't come across any, accept for this statue.

Beside the large impressive government buildings, the iron work of old houses is gorgeous too, especially the little glassed balconies.

As a fan of Mythical creatures I loved these Sphinx ladies in the entry of a Museum, currently closed for renovations.

I also loved the old street lanterns.

Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

I would feel like a princess living in this amazing building!

And as pictures of Paris often show metro sign pictures, I wanted to post one from Madrid :)