Tuesday 18 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

Until last year almost all our doggies would be brought to the vet twice a year for a trim. It was always quite the hassle with making an appointment bringing them to town one by one etc, not to mention that it is also a lot of costs, but here necessary due to the extreme heat but also as it is impossible to brush 13 dogs, we wash them very often, but brushing them all would be a full time job!

Anyway by the end of last year we finally bought our own trimmer, and it actually is much faster then bringing them to the vet. Since a few days we have Spring so in the sun the kids get their beauty treatment, and I haven't heard them complain, look at Simon very smug :)

While the doggies have their Spring cleaning, the garden however has become a bit hairy as some escape the broom with a little breeze.

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